Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Molly Burnett Returns To Play Melanie Jonas – Will Chad DiMera Return As Well?

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Molly Burnett Returns To Play Melanie Jonas - Will Chad DiMera Return As Well?

The cast of Days of Our Lives is dropping like flies and several characters have already exited the canvas or are in the process of doing so. With big names like James Scott and Alison Sweeney saying their good-byes, it only makes sense that TPTB at DOOL are going to have to bring in some new characters — or some old ones that we haven’t seen in a while. According to Days of Our Lives spoilers, one of those returning characters will be Melanie Jonas, played by soap actress Molly Burnett.

Melanie Jonas was a key player on Days of Our Lives from 2008-2012. Jonas is well-known for her relationship with Chad DiMeras and her frienemy Gabi Hernandez. In 2012, Melanie suffered a series of traumatic events when she was kidnapped by a man named Andrew and then the man that killed her adopted father, Nick Fallon, returned to Salem. Jonas packed up and moved to Europe to live with her mother.

A recent story line on Days Of Our Lives set the stage for Melanie’s return: it was revealed by Gabi Hernandez before she shipped off to prison for killing Nick Fallon that she was actually responsible for Melanie’s kidnapping and had hired Andrew to stalk Melanie. With the man that killed her father now dead, and her ex-BFF who had her kidnapped off to prison, Salem seems safe for Melanie Jonas to return.

According to Soap Opera Digest’s June June 23rd edition, the rumors are indeed true, and Molly Burnett is definitely returning to Days of Our Lives. Perhaps the return of Melanie Jonas will also mean the return of Chad DiMeras? What do you think of the Molly Burnett returning to DOOL? Let us know in the comments section below and don’t forget to check CDL for all of your Days of Our Lives spoilers.

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  • PassionQueen77

    That is fine for Melanie to come back to the show. She can tell her side of the story of what happened. Gabi did a few horrible things. Ben and Jordan father is coming to town very soon. They are bad news. The writers doesn’t care for the character happiness.

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  • glad she’s returning. Brady could use a real friend. Daniel needs his daughter, & Abi needs a girl friend that is not Jordan.

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  • Holly Goralski

    I love Molly Burnett as Melanie she’s been my favorite character for a while welcome back!

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  • DD

    Totally, I miss Melanie and can’t wait for her return. Chad , Melanie reunion would be an added bonus.

  • Days fan

    You need to stop talking about Days of our lives like that. I love this show so much and always have some of the character might not be great right now.( Paige and Eve) But you can’t expect all the old great characters to be on this same show forever. If you hate this show so much then just stop watching it

  • Mike

    Glad Molly is coming back. She made the show.

    • tony

      glad to see Molly back on days . one fine women

  • snookum

    I do not like the new will or the new chad. I can not look at will, please bring back the sweet loving will. I want Nicole to find someone and be happy. Oh they are bring back that dingy Susan, she drives me nuts. Hope and aiden are the perfect match. Hope don’t fight it, go for him…I will..lo

  • Tammy

    I would LOVE to have Melanie come back!! I need a reason to continue to watch the soap I have grown up with. Am genuinely disappointed with recent goings/comings. PLEASE COME HOME, MELANIE!!

  • lisa

    I am very happy that melanie is coming back I love her and hated seeing her go

  • daysfan

    I’m looking forward to melanie’s return. I liked melanie and nathan ,they should bring him back too.

  • Sam

    Glad to see that I’m not the only one that wants Melanie and Brady together!! They have such a wonderful dynamic, and Brady could sure use her right now!!! Perfect time for a come back if ya ask me!!! Love love love her!!!!!

  • Planmyescape

    Why would I trust you??? Who are you…. The expert on soap opera’s.
    What you should trust is that you sound pretty silly Sheri. I’ve been watching this soap for 40 yrs. and I’ve seen a lot of actors come and go. Some who have been on the show since it started. Yes, viewers get upset and then before you know it those actors are long forgotten, until you see them in a movie, T.V. show or back on DOOL again or even another soap.
    I can tell that your pretty young or you would be quite use to seeing this sort of thing. You may as well get use to it if you like to watch soaps. It’s just part of their career.
    I do miss Sammy……..she was one of the best actors I’ve seen on daytime T.V. :(………..and life goes on! You never know though, she COULD change her mind after she’s had some time off with the kiddies!

    • sheri

      I’ve seen this show long time too…. I’m 32 years old and been watching days for a long while too my mom is 62 and has longer watching this show and she don’t watch it anymore…. my grandmother stopped too.. they got fags and I don’t get a kick out of dudes making love keep that in ur own time not where others or just disgusted to even give the show ratings…. it’s going down the tube and it even says so…. read the spoilers and the views…. not good…. u have ur opinion and I have my own and it’s not doing good…. needs more action and more less drama and breakups and sleeping arounds….