Ellen Degeneres Gets Portia de Rossi ‘Scandal’ Role – Divorce Avoided by Multi-Episode Arc Bribe?

Ellen Degeneres Gets Portia de Rossi 'Scandal' Role - Divorce Avoided by Multi-Episode Arc Bribe?

We’ve been hearing plenty of reports stating that Portia de Rossi is having a difficult time dealing with her flailing career, especially as Ellen Degeneres‘ career continues to skyrocket. A new tell-all book released on the couple’s marriage even suggested that Portia was dealing with extreme insecurity, and a lot of that stemmed from her lack of jobs. In fact, her highest-profile gig to date is probably Arrested Development, but since that’s no longer a regular gig, it’s obviously difficult for her to adjust to unemployment while her wife continues to get more successful.

Since we already know that Ellen has been doing everything in her power to make Portia happy after her rehab visit a few months ago, it’s not surprising to hear that she used her influence to land Portia a job. She probably thought that getting Portia out of the house and into the routine of working again would take her mind off their marriage troubles, plus keep her busy so she can’t wallow in her misery and turn back to alcohol.

Portia will be guest-starring on a multi-episode arc on the hit ABC drama Scandal, which has quickly become one of the most popular network shows on TV. Ellen tweeted the news recently, telling the world, “So annoying when people brag on twitter & that’s why I’m not tweeting that Portia just signed on to do a top secret arc on “Scandal”. Oops.”

She has every right to feel proud, especially when sources are saying that she had a lot to do with Portia booking that job. Ellen has a lot of good will around Hollywood, and she’s put that to good use in helping her wife get back on track.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet