Emma Roberts and Evan Peters Violent Fight, Break-Up At Comic-Con (PHOTOS)

Emma Roberts and Evan Peters Violent Fight, Break-Up At Comic-Con (PHOTOS)

It’s been a year since Emma Roberts and Evan Peters had that little domestic abuse incident in Montreal, but have things gotten better for the couple? They’re engaged now, but that doesn’t mean that they have a healthy relationship. And according to Star Magazine, they’re still involved in violent altercations with each other.

Star claims that Emma and Evan got into an ‘explosive fight‘ at Comic-Con, where they were both present to attend the American Horror Story panel. Apparently, both Emma and Evan were at a Comic-Con afterparty at the Omni Hotel in San Diego, but Emma get worked up for some reason and started shoving Evan around. Evan then ran away from the party while security tried to ‘calm down’ Emma, to no avail.

A friend of the couple tells Star, “Their relationship isn’t healthy. They fight more than they get along and she has problems controlling her temper. She flips out at the drop of a hat.”

Well, we certainly have proof of that, don’t we? Evan probably fled because he didn’t want a repeat of last year’s incident, but if their relationship is this violent now, aren’t they better off breaking up? If they do end up getting married, they’ll certainly have an extremely unhealthy relationship going forward. Sure, it might be ‘passionate’, but with Emma’s violent tendencies, we might get a lot more stories resembling the Montreal fiasco in the future. Plus, they’re both so young and so temperamental, some time apart might do them good.

What do you guys think? Should Emma and Evan stay together and get married? Or should they break up? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

‘American Horror Story’ actress Emma Roberts stops by the Nine Zero One Salon to get her hair done in West Hollywood, California on August 4, 2014

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  • A

    I think they should stay together. Despite the drama and crap, I know they still love each other. Sure, Love can be crazy and can cause adversity but it’s only just an emotional star-crossed phase. But in the end, there’s true love and happiness. I bet/hope that it’ll happen after all the drama ends. I wish that everything will go out smooth-sailing for them. They deserve to be soulmates.

    P.S. The fight is bullshit

    P.P.S. And another thing: PLEASE!!!! PLEASE DONT BREAK UP/BREAK OFF THE ENGAGEMENT!!!!!! PLEEEEEEEEEEEEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • kat_lagoon

      You KNOW they love each other? You must be a personal friend right?

      • A

        Nope. Just a fan.

  • Savy

    They should break up she’s bipolar crazy and violent and stuck up.An he is so mellow and down to earth. He should go back with Alexandria Breckenridge or I wish be with Taissa Farminga.

  • Emma

    Ditch the bitch Evan

  • fuck you

    fight?? are you [expletive] insane????? watch the video dumbass

    • A

      I did

    • A

      Please, please, please believe me that I saw a COMFORT (with a capital C) moment between them in that video. Just rewatch if you don’t believe me. And look at the video REALLY close to know what I meant by COMFORT moment.

      Also, turn up the volume to hear what they’re saying, besides speaking in your mind and sarcastic lip-reading.

      Please??? Pretty Please??? Pretty Please with double cherries and colorful candy sprinkles on top???? Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease???????????????

  • r

    he should leave her! she is no good for him, although he may love her, and i respect that, but what good is he getting out of a relationship where she is constantly having tantrums

  • A

    No! Please stop with the break-up comments!! PLEEEASE!!!! Pretty Please?!

  • twelfthnight

    Are they just arguing, or is it still domestic violence? I’m sure Emma is a brat, she just seems like the type who would have a hissy fit if things don’t go her way.

    But if it’s not violent and they just get into heated arguments, I don’t think that’s really a problem. My boyfriend and I argue and debate a lot and it gets very heated. Neither of us will back down and we’re both loud people when we argue. It’s over and the slate is wiped clean as soon as the argument is done.

    But then again, temper is a whole different can of worms than having regular arguments.

    • A


    • A

      I mean….It….is just only an argument. A dumb, shitty argument. Please, please just believe in the fact that it’s only a tearful exchange. And besides, I SAW a comfort moment in that video, with my own eyes. Just please rewatch the video if you don’t believe me.

      P.S. I JUST NEED CLOSURE!!!! CAN SOMEONE IN THIS OPEN, WIDE MEDIA WORLD TELL ME THAT THEYLL MOVE PAST WHAT HAPPENED AT THE COMIC-CON FIASCO?!?!?! I…..I…………care too much about the romances (real or not real) I love.

  • A

    It’s not bull. It’s just a desperate plea for Hope and sanctuary for the couple. Just please, isn’t there someone in the outside or inside world of entertainment who can fix this crisis and everything will go peachy for the couple?? Please? All I ever need is sanctuary. For them. I’m sure there’s a happy ending somewhere. I just have to predict and cross my fingers to see if it happens (which I’m sure it will)

  • A

    Just please isn’t there something or someone to make their problems go away, besides breaking up?

  • A

    But…what about the couple??? Will there still be hope for them? That’s the only answer I’ve always been dying to find: HOPE.

  • A

    Thats not the reason why. That’s just American Horror Story. It’s only just part of a fictional storyline that doesn’t mean anything. And besides, I’m not quite keen on the idea of him and Taissa dating in real-life. I only like their characters (Violet/Tate and Zoe/Kyle) dating, but not the actors themselves going out together in real-life.

    P.S. I’d rather blame the screenwriters who wrote the story for the episode “The Seven Wonders”

  • A

    But they’ll still be together, as boyfriend and girlfriend, right? Even if not engaged? Still together?

    P.S. After the fight, they’re moving past it and are, as of now, they’re still together.