Dancing With the Stars Erin Andrews Hated By All – Arrogant and Self-Absorbed – Report

Dancing With the Stars Erin Andrews Hated By All - Arrogant and Self-Absorbed - Report

It seemed an interesting move when producers decided to replace Brooke Burke-Charvet as a co-host on Dancing With the Stars. The past few seasons have been kind of stale and it’s pretty obvious that the old format needs to be switched up a bit but rather than replacing anyone from the judges table they instead brought in Erin Andrews as fresh blood. The problem is that no one really cares for her.

According to the April 7th print edition of Life & Style magazine Erin is incredibly arrogant, self-absorbed and she is always late. Rather than welcoming Erin with open arms the cast and crew are happy to see her leave the studio each day. She is also reportedly a major complainer and that is exactly the kind of person that no one wants to put up with for very long. As for her onscreen appearance, how is she measuring up?

Do you think that replacing Brooke with Erin was enough to breathe new life into a show that is dying a slow death? Also, if she is so disliked behind the scenes then do you think that she’ll last more than one season or will there be yet another new co host if the show is picked up for another season? Do you think ABC would have been wiser to shake up the judges a bit? Are their reactions to the competitors a bit too predictable at this point and if so then that’s not something that Erin can really help. Perhaps the powers that be were afraid to actually cut a judge and so they felt they were doing the next best thing, but is Erin a good fit? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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  • Scoprio

    When I heard that Erin Andrews was replacing Brooke my heart broke with everyone who would have to deal with Erin. Erin is HIGH maintenance big time. Our company hired her for a 2 day event and I had to deal with all of her requests and demands. My boss finally realized how much of a pain in the a$$ she was that she will never work for our company again. She seriously has the “GOOP” syndrome.


  • Eileen

    Erin is serving her purpose for stories like this. They knew exactly what they were doing.

  • Sweetpea

    Bring back Samantha. Loved her,
    and her hair and dresses were beautiful.

  • okccw

    Erin is an arrogant b!tch. She take digs at the Pro’s & guest to try and get a nasty reaction. She knows they can’t act out on TV so she really goes below the belt especially with Max

  • Pahleeeeez

    Brooke Burke was a total snooze so I can see why they wanted to replace her! Maria Menounous would make a great host .

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  • Rockin gma

    Get rid of Bruno. He makes me throw up a little in my mouth every time he speaks, stands up or moves his gross little hips. Ewwwww!

  • Candido Ybarra

    DWTS made a big mistake. Erin is trying to outshine Tom Bergeron by making controversial comments at the expense of the pros and the celebrities. What a bitch!

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  • Linda

    Wow was Erin ever beyond rude to Tony! I sure miss Brooke,
    she had class. Erin really is so full of herself and she ruins the segments after Tom.

    • Tina Marlin

      She’s been rude to Maks too. She ruins every segment.

  • JimnBarb Pesante

    I Don’t like her voice, and her speaking is forced;not very natural. WRong choice.

  • salsagirl

    I did not care for brooke she seemed cold and stuck up. BUT Erin is much much worse….she is rude, obnoxious, and her attempt at humor is terrible….so many better choices….Drew Lachey was awesome

  • Tina Marlin

    She still grates. I can’t stand her. She truly makes inappropriate remarks in every interaction with dancers. She continues to use innuendo when interviewing dancers. And why does she insist on using the word ‘package’ when discussing the little videos prior to a performance? Is it her way of trying to act ‘in the know’ and use insider terms? Last night, I recommended a drinking game, with shots every time she said the word.

    She seems desperate to appear to be an insider. :::shudder::: Creepy.

  • La

    Brooke was the snotty bitch. She acted like she was better than everyone else. Erin is fun.

    • loren

      Fun like a dork who is better than no one.

  • Rye

    To cut to the chase, Erin is not doing a good job at DWTS. She is so tactless, her voice very irritating to listen to. She might be better off with a script, totally stupid comments or questions, even hurtful. She cannot ad lib if her life depended on it, her spontaneous comments are really dumb sounding. In short, ABC needs to fire her. She better not be in DWTS next season.

  • Tr

    Who did she sleep with to get both those gigs?
    She stinks

  • chad

    What? A beanpole with a foul mouth. Great to look at if your a drunk sailor at closing with no one else around.

  • Not Surfer

    She is soooo f***king annoying. I stopped watching because of her.
    Yuk and double Yuk!

  • joeyr

    I have never watched DWTS except the first year. I would never watch it with Erin on the show. She is a rude, arrogant person. She really is not even attractive. I have seen hundreds of much prettier women. Still am not sure how she got any of her jobs. She must have known the right people.
    Why hire someone who is a demanding diva. She is talentless and bitchy.
    Please get rid of her stop giving in to these peoples demands. If the people in charge would stop giving the divas everything they demand maybe they would stop demanding them and they would realize they are no more special than anyone else.