General Hospital Mystery Solved: Nathan West Obsessed With Silas Clay Because They Are Related – CDL Exclusive

General Hospital Mystery Solved: Nathan West Obsessed With Silas Clay Because They Are Related - CDL Exclusive

General Hospital’s Detective Nathan West, played by Ryan Paevey is the newcomer to Port Charles. Fans don’t have a lot of background information on him as of yet, but as the days go by we learn small tid bits here and there. We were first introduced to the West character as “the girl who cried baby”, Maxie Spencer, was leaving for a much needed sabbatical. Nathan’s first day consisted of an hour long awkward moment that had him listening to Maxie’s total bloopers, failures, and bad decisions. It’s a wonder that he didn’t bolt out the door and go reserve a room down at the Motel 6. Alas bad judgment kicked in, and he is currently subletting Maxie’s apartment while she is away. Let’s hope he burned Maxie’s sheets and didn’t run a blue light on her mattress… remnants of Spinelli might reveal themselves, lolll.

So let’s reveal what we know (Courtesy of Det. West is a NYPD transfer, currently obsessed with taking down Silas Clay (Michael Easton). As I sat here stoned out of my mind, beneath the purple haze it dawned on me… Det. West quite possibly could be Silas’ son… or at the very least related to Nina Clay. I mean can you deny that GH Casting hired an actor to play Nathan West that resembles Silas Clay. They have the same dark hair, and same intense funny colored eyes.

Clearly Det. West got his good looks from his mother’s side of the family as I find Silas rather odd looking. Although I expect that he is a stallion in bed, don’t get me started on Silas’ history of unprotected sex. Clay’s lusty loins have produced at least one love child that we know of. It wouldn’t be too far fetched that Clay’s newest stalker (the first one being Ava) is in fact his own son. Now in order for my theory to be valid, Nina would have had to been pregnant when she went into an coma. This would explain why her family was quick to ban Clay from her bedside. It would also mean that both Ava and Nina were pregnant at the same time, both unbeknownst to Clueless Clay. Only time will tell… but while we wait, I will start taking bets on who will Detective Nathan West screw first…. my money is on LuLu.


  • ghstoner

    i had the same feeling when i saw thru my purple haze, lol, seriously. its the only way it all makes sense.

  • ghstoner

    but thanks for the sexy det west pic!

  • Jocelyn

    OMG who watches this stuff?