General Hospital Spoilers: Michelle Stafford Headed to Port Charles As Nina Clay

General Hospital Spoilers: Michelle Stafford Headed to Port Charles As Nina Clay

Could Michelle Stafford be headed to General Hospital? Think about it, if so then that would mean that she went to sleep on The Young and the Restless and quite literally will wake up on another soap. For those missing the link, Jill Farren Phelps wrote out Stafford’s Y&R character of Phyllis by putting her in a coma and the character of Nina Clay on GH is about to wake from a 20 year coma, possibly in the form of Stafford.

According to the Feb. 24th print edition of CBS Soaps on GH Silas recently referenced his wife Nina who has been comatose for two decades. In soap land a simple acknowledgment usually seems to lead to something a bit more and so of course GH fans started to run with the idea that Nina may be on her way to a recovery and somehow Stafford’s name fell into the mix. When show runner Frank Valenti was asked about the possibility he played coy, but did so with the kind of attitude that makes you wonder what he’s hiding.

Y&R fans were in an uproar over the treatment of Stafford and how her character was one of the first serious victims of Phelps’ special brand of watering down female characters. As for Stafford, she’s open to offers coming from anywhere and is truly a character driven actress. If it’s someone that she wants to breathe life into then she’s taking the job. I’m pretty sure Y&R fans wouldn’t mind following Stafford over to GH if she should decide to ink a deal. It looks like she may not the only fan-favorite headed onto the Port Charles canvas either!

Do you think that Stafford will opt to do GH if a good enough opportunity presents itself? She spent decades in daytine so it must be her real comfort zone, right? Will you tune in if she does make that leap? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

  • Lynne Stanton

    Love Michelle Stafford and she can make any character AMAZING!! Of course I would watch her!!

  • Jen

    She will always be Phyllis, it’s just wrong that GH scooped her up. That Jill Farren Phelps is running Y&R into the ground just like every other soap she is producer of.. I dont care what her name is on GH, she will ALWAYS be Phyllis Newman!!!!