Hotel Hell Recap 8/25/14: Season 2 Episode 6 “Four Seasons Inn”

Hotel Hell Recap 8/25/14: Season 2 Episode 6 “Four Seasons Inn”

Hotel Hell returns to FOX tonight with an all new episode of season 2 called, “Four Seasons Inn.” In this new episode, Ramsay assists a Vermont hotel owner whose pet-friendly policy has gotten out of hand.

On the last episode, Gordon Ramsay traveled to Pipestone, MN, in a frustrating attempt to save a once-historic Midwestern hotel for two stubborn sisters. The Calumet Inn was given to Rina and Vanda as a gift from their father. But little did he know that his gift would become so problematic for the girls. With every member of the family unhappy, the sisters were forced to make a decision – should they shut down the hotel, sell it or hand over the responsibility of running it to a proper general manager? Find out if Ramsay could restore the historic inn. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode, Gordon Ramsay heads east to the Four Seasons Inn in Vermont. Based on the name, he is expecting luxury, but is instead greeted by a “dog-friendly” inn, with an overwhelming amount of dog hair and no connection to the well-known hotel chain. With the owner, Sandy, oblivious to the inn’s problems and a dining room serving meals that look surprisingly like dog food, the overhaul will be no easy feat. Find out if Ramsay can transform the dismal dog kennel and inn before it has to be put down for good.

You’re not going to want to miss tonight’s cool new episode of HELL’S KITCHEN which begins at 8PM EST on FOX. We’ll also be live blogging it for you right here. While you’re waiting for the show to start hit up our comments section and tell us your thoughts on the new season!

RECAP: Gordon is going to a hotel run by sisters who’s father bought the hotel for them, Rina is a huge cry baby and always gets upset for very little reasons; Vanda the other owners and sister says she is a hard worker yet wakes up every day at 3 pm in the afternoon. They have zero experience in this business and they stripped the general manager of all her duties and made her a waitress; the girls have made the hotel suffer tons and go down hill. Vanda and Rina have had their parents come in and work as well since they can’t afford to stay in their own house anymore; the sisters are not taking the hotel business serious enough.

Gordon drives up to the hotel and can’t believe how huge it is, the entrance looks like a prison, he can’t believe how dark it is and it’s like a dungeon inside; he goes back to his truck to get a flash light; he feels like a Gooney. Gordon finally gets in, he find Manda the front desk worker and server; she calls the sisters telling them that Gordon is here. Vanda and Rina come over to introduce themselves to Gordon, he is given their best room in the place; he sees some mold in the fridge and notices there is no wardrobe for his clothes. The girls convinced their father to get the hotel because they wanted it, the girls mention their responsibilities for the hotel. Gordon is not impressed by the girls and how they describe their work around the hotel; he can’t believe how they stayed one night here and decided they wanted to buy it.

Gordon doesn’t believe that the employees are the ones at fault as the sisters claim, he goes to the diner and finds out the food is not fresh; Mandy tells Gordon that the sisters are not great at all and is really pissed talking about them. Gordon tries the soup and doesn’t like it at all, it’s burnt and tastes horrible. Gordon now moves onto some chicken nuggets which are rock solid, his waitress tells them that the sisters don’t take the hotel serious at all. Gordon goes to see the chef and asks if they have given up, the chefs say they loved their job but hate it now; she says the owners are the problem.

The sisters talk about how they are not motivated to do anything at all anymore, Gordon tells them right away that it doesn’t matter and that they need to grow up already.

People found out Gordon is at the hotel and people are coming to stay, he is very sorry for everyone; Gordon takes a look in the kitchen and believes their menu is way too big for just two chefs. Gordon is looking for Rina, who just so happens to be in a room crying; he finds the sisters mother and asks about her tears. Rina says she wants to take control, though Gordon tells her to get a grip and to get downstairs to face what she must do today. The guests seem very upset about their meals, Gordon knows this place is a train wreck. Mandy the general manager tells Gordon that the sisters are not qualified to own the hotel, they are the biggest problem; you can’t respect such people. Gordon tells Mandy that she is the one holding this place together, Gordon gets the owners and employees in one room. The employees tell tell the owners that they don’t work at all and that’s what makes them upset, Mandy says that it’s so annoying to talk to them at all; Mandy tells them all to screw off and that the owners are all stupid. She’s leaving and is done with them.

Gordon tells the sisters that Mandy was dedicated to keeping this whole place together, Gordon tells the sisters that one of you should step up and tells them clearly that he would kick them out and that they don’t deserve what they have right now. Gordon believes they are now screwed, he goes to the gym so he can work out; he finds out the place doesn’t have a gym. He walks outside the hotel and says he’s not going whatsoever; the hotel this big needs a gym.

Gordon has the sisters listen to how guests who have stayed at their hotel and how they feel about it, the people start complaining about how the place is just poorly kept; there is no cleaning being done and that there is a health hazard. No one would want to come back ever again because of their poorly kept hotel, Gordon sits them down and asks if they can run this by themselves. Gordon asks the girls what they have accomplished in their life to be proud of, the girls have nothing to say and confess that they don’t have what it takes to run this place.

Gordon goes to talk to Mandy to come back and knows without her that the place will never make it; he sits with her and tells her she had every right to walk out. Gordon tells her that she is a great general manager who knows her job and asks if she will be given absolute control of the place if she’d come back; Mandy says she hates the owners and really doesn’t know if she’d want to deal with them ever again.

Gordon goes to talk to Rita, the sisters mother; she is cooking some curry and he’s amazed by its smell. Gordon takes a taste and says it is absolutely perfect, it so tasty; he is impressed by her cooking. Rita says she spoils her kids and that she has never had a break, she gets frustrated because her daughters can’t grow up. Gordon gathers the family together and none of them are happy to be at the hotel, they all say no. Gordon tells them to go back to the city and leave this place; it’s not for them whatsoever. Gordon says they are all trapped in the hotel, he tells them to decide as a family if they want a proper general manager, shut it down or sell it.

The girls tell the employees that they have made a choice to change the place around and that they will step out of the picture completely, Gordon tells them that Mandy will be coming back as general manager; after talking to Gordon she realized how much she loved the people who work there. The girls are leaving and know they can’t continue, they can trust her to make this hotel a success. Gordon has transformed the hotel completely, he lets them come in and take a look at the brand new room designs; Gordon has also changed one of the rooms into a small fitness room. Gordon shows off the new menu to the family and they are all very excited about it; the sisters keep trying to make themself a part of this. Though he tells them that they are supposed to go away from this, he makes it clear they go upstairs and back.

Gordon tells Rina and Vanda that they need to hit the round, they got a taxi coming to get them; Gordon tells them good luck and bought them gold fish to teach them responsibility in the city.

Gordon is now leaving and says goodbye to Mandy, he believes that she can make a big difference with the hotel; Mandy is ready to give it her all and is happy he believed in her.