Hotel Hell Recap Live and Detailed 8/4/14: Season 2 Episode 3 “Applegate River Lodge”

Hotel Hell Recap Live and Detailed 8/4/14: Season 2 Episode 3 “Applegate River Lodge”

Hotel Hell returns to FOX tonight with an all new episode of season 2 called, “Applegate River Lodge.” In this new episode, Ramsay visits the Applegate River Lodge in Oregon, which is plagued by problems stemming from the acrimonious divorce of its formerly married co-owners.

On the last episode, Gordon Ramsay checked into a historic building in Longview, WA, where the Hotel Monticello was celebrating its 90th anniversary. While picturesque from the outside, through the doors of the hotel lied a plethora of issues – the first being that owner Philip Lovingfoss was struggling to come to terms with his alcohol addiction. With the staff feeling neglected and underpaid, Ramsay needed to help Lovingfoss get back on track, both personally and professionally. With quite the task ahead of him, did Ramsay stage the intervention needed, or was this hotel close its doors just shy of its 90th anniversary? Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode, Gordon Ramsay heads to the Applegate River Lodge in Applegate, OR, where he is surrounded by peaceful rivers, beautiful vineyards and some of the Northwest’s most stunning views. Joanna and Richard Davis designed and built the lodge by hand 22 years ago, but since their divorce, their family, as well as the lodge, has continued to unravel. Instead of focusing their attention on their enormous debt, unhappy guests and rancid smells, the ex-couple and their two sons put emphasis on their growing hatred for each other, causing the property to be divided as ever. Find out if Ramsay can mold the business into one and save the lodge.

You’re not going to want to miss tonight’s cool new episode of HELL’S KITCHEN which begins at 8PM EST on FOX. We’ll also be live blogging it for you right here. While you’re waiting for the show to start hit up our comments section and tell us your thoughts on the new season!

RECAP: Gordon is now headed to Oregon to try and save a hotel where, the lodge he’s visiting has an amazingly beautiful view; though after they made the lodge the owner relaxed. The owner Richard only smokes weed all day and his ex-wife Joanna is struggling with how much debt there is; Richard does nothing and is very unhelpful. Joanna has so much pressure but her two sons Duke and Dusty are always at each others throats; they fight all the time. They play music throughout the whole night, so it is impossible for guests to sleep at night; a lot of the guests are annoyed. It’s Gordon’s first time in Oregon and loves the country side, he can’t believe how the Applegate Lodge is doing so bad in such a great place. Gordon smells something and thinks it’s gross; he walks in and notices that it’s huge. Gordon starts buzzing at the front desk, but Richard is ignoring it completely; Gordon sits on the floor waiting for someone to come help him, Richard comes out and mentions he was hanging out. Gordon questions the smell and Richard confirms that it’s medicinal herbs, he mentions it’s like a basil; Gordon knows it’s not basil and realizes it’s cannabis. Gordon asks if it’s legal, Richard says it’s for medicinal purposes.

Gordon knows the owner is high as a kite and goes into his room; he notices a stain and some bugs. It’s incredibly filthy, Gordon sees even more stains upstairs; it’s really gross. Gordon knows that Richard is not taking anything serious and tells kids to stay away from drugs or become as useless as Richard is.

Gordon goes to meet the owner Joanna, she checks people i, does the banking and is the only one doing anything for the lodge. She tells Gordon that Richard does nothing all day, he owns well over a million on the house; she needs help to find a way to make money. Joanna mentions how she gets no percent of the profits from the restaurant and the music her sons do; Gordon believes the place is a patch of heaven and should be booming with sales. Gordon goes to meet Duke, he mentions he gives none to his mother and Gordon takes him out. Gordon tells Duk about the debt and Duke mentions that he’s been sitting waiting and can relate; Gordon asks Duke when he last smoked. Duke mentions it was this morning, Gordon tells him that this business is run by stoners. Gordon goes to meet Dusty, he asks Dusty how much he makes and has over $12,000. Gordon asks why he doesn’t help, Dusty says that it hurt that he said that; Gordon let him know he’d kick him out if he were his son. Gordon wonders why everyone can’t work together; Gordon sees the two brothers fighting.

Gordon is looking at the dinner service, he is watching how the dog is sitting at the customers tables waiting for food; the guests in the lodge are not impressed with the rooms. Gordon saw the muse Ketchup with Ranch dressing to make it Thousand Island; Gordon is just amazed at how much of a joke it was. He can’t believe they are still open, there are no standards; Gordon tells Dusty that he’s never worked for the lodge and says he’s screwed without his mother. Gordon hears the music concert starting soon at 10pm, Gordon can’t believe how noisy it is, he can’t believe this crap; it basically made him understand why he doesn’t do drugs.

Gordon can’t believe how the lodge is losing so much money; it’s way past midnight and Gordon decides to go to bed. He sees all the stains with a black light; e is so grossed out and is not going to sleep on it tonight. Gordon takes out his sleeping bag, though hears the late night jam session; he can’t believe they are still going on. Gordon turns on his light and heads to go see what’s going on.

Gordon has had enough of the dreadful sounds, he walks in and asks for Richard; he tells him how on earth are people supposed to sleep with that racket. He calls the whole family together, Gordon says he has not seen anything as bad as he has seen today; Richard says he’s not a business man and Gordon says this isn’t his home. Gordon tells Richard that he is refusing to look at the issue because he’s using his ex-wife as his kids are; Richard goes to smoke and Gordon tells them all that this lodge has to be run as a business. The two of them run their own little businesses because they fight is a disgrace, he lets them Johanna is suffering and making their mother in a worse condition; they have to all run this together. He tells them goodnight and walks off, Gordon can’t believe how insane this place is.

Gordon goes to see Joanna and tells her that she is the only one who can appreciate anything, Gordon brings in some old guests who owns the place; these guests tell Joanna how horrible the lodge is. Joanna says they went through a lot to make this place; she really hopes everything goes well. Gordon understands why Joanna loves this place and needs her sons to work together; he already knows their father is useless.

Gordon brings the family into the lodge, he put furniture all over the check in area; where it use to have none at all. The lobby looks beautiful, people can actually relax. Gordon gave them a new hotel management system, their guests can check in online. Now he brings them to the rooms. Gordon now takes them to the menu, he shows them all the recipes he’s made for them to cook; it’s simple but good.

Gordon then goes ahead to show them a mini music festival outside for the people who love it; he made four more bedrooms outside with tents. Gordon is now taking a look at the opening to the public; he loves the success and mentions he’s going to be leaving now. Gordon tells Richard not to offer people the herbs; he lets them know his time is done and they should look after each other.