Jennifer Lawrence Despises Shailene Woodley For Stealing Her Spotlight And Fame!

Jennifer Lawrence Despises Shailene Woodley For Stealing Her Spotlight And Fame!

I didn’t think Jennifer Lawrence had the capacity to hate anyone, but according to a recent report made by In Touch magazine, the famous Hunger Games star hates Shailene Woodley. Why? Because apparently JLaw thinks that SW is stealing all of her spotlight, the one she’s been basking in for ages. Honestly, I don’t really believe this story, as Jennifer Lawerence is still one of the biggest names in Hollywood — and will be for many years to come.

The source for the magazine says that Jennifer gave SW some golden advice a few years back, which has turned her into an actress hellbent on getting to the top and staying there! “A few years ago, Jennifer gave her career advice, and ever since then, Shailene’s been obsessed,” says the source.

The insider goes on to say that JLaw started to get weirded out when SW started auditioning for all the same roles as her, and then the creep out factor increased even more when SW copied Jennifer’s pixie cut.

Ugh. What do you make of this feud? This is one of those feuds that we just really don’t believe and can’t get behind. Both of these actresses are the biggest names in their categories at the moment and they have bigger things to worry about than squabbling with one another over haircuts and roles.

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  • Dette

    This is one stupid article. And the source of this article is equally stupid. Shai respects JLaw a lot. Nor is she trying to steal the spotlight from Jennifer. Jen is also in a very comfortable position in Holywoid right. Both girls definitely aren’t the “hating” type.

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