Jennifer Love Hewitt Fired From Criminal Minds Because Of Her Weight – Can’t Lose Baby Fat? (PHOTO)

Jennifer Love Hewitt Fired From Criminal Minds Because Of Her Weight - Can’t Lose Baby Fat? (PHOTO)

It’s always shocking how fast celebrities manage to lose their baby weight after giving birth, but apparently they aren’t sharing their secrets with Jennifer Love Hewitt. After her impressive run on Ghost Whisperer, Hewitt took some time off and begin building a family, and gave birth to her baby girl Autumn. Hewitt is anxious to get back to work, and landed a coveted spot on the cast of CBS’s popular crime drama Criminal Minds. But, her pesky baby weight is starting to be a serious problem for the actress now that she is actually on the set of Criminal Minds and filming upcoming episodes.

According to the August 18th edition of OK! Magazine, “Eight months after giving birth to daughter Autumn, Jennifer Love Hewitt is still struggling to slim down. And, a source says that the fact that she has already started filming the CBS drama has made the star, 35, anxious about her shape.” OK!’s source goes on to tell the tabloid that, “She’s feeling even more pressure to lose the weight fast. But, she’s having trouble finding the time to work out between filming and taking care of her baby. She’s stressed and it’s already taking a toll.”

It’s no wonder Jennifer Love Hewitt is stressed, most likely when she landed the role on Criminal Minds, TPTB expected her to lose the baby weight as fast as all of the other Hollywood actresses. We have seen it time and time again in Hollywood, women literally starve themselves to keep their jobs and it sounds like Hewitt is headed straight down that path.

Jennifer Love Hewitt Fired From Criminal Minds Because Of Her Weight - Can’t Lose Baby Fat? (PHOTO)

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

  • Manda

    I hope this story is bs. She still looks beautiful.

    • DIuRfwIn

      She made this story herself for the magazine. Once an attention w*** , always an attention w***

    • DIuRfwIn

      She made this story herself for the magazine. Once an attention seeker , always an attention seeker

    • cody

      No she doesn’t my wife had our first child 6 months ago and is already back at her pre baby weight…jlh is just nasty now

  • twelfthnight

    May I just point out that the real firing that needs to happen is whoever dressed her in that godawful outfit? Her body is probably fine, but from the top down:

    1. What the HELL is that neckline? High neck, open armpits and.. sleeves that resemble teensy, low-level MMO spaulders? The armpit cut shows ALL of her pit and boob ‘fat’ and nothing else which makes you think she has WAY more than she does.

    2. No way to make an average-sized woman look frumpier than high-waisted (or illusion of high waist in a one-piece) pants with weird hip pleats, no shape to the legs, and all in a fabric that neither clings nor drapes.

    3. Probably worst of all, the length of the pants is just… what? Don’t you have a tailor? She looks like the feet version of Baby Hands from SNL. Tiny little feeties poking out of the bottom of these shapeless pants. These are the kind of pants that are supposed to taper and stop at the ankle. It makes her look cartoonish almost. Stylists are supposed to look out for these things.

    No hate on her, but goddamn that is an unfortunate outfit.

    • tahoegeminii

      we know your problem-she wore something that wasn’t shoving her udders in the camera for once and there you have it without all the udder shoving and hair extensions she is just frumpy and homely

    • skydiver

      I completely agree with you. Even of she had gained a little weight the wardrobe choices for her on the show have been really unflattering. She is gorgeous and sexy and they should have dressed her better. Also her hair cut doesn’t look good this way. Big boobs and super choppy hair doesn’t look good.

  • tahoegeminii

    she isn’t starving herself-don’t worry-her only claim to fame was shoving her underage titts in the camera anyway-now their old and saggy and she has always been a fat azzz she just photoshopped and focused on her udders -and the biggest problem–she just can’t act-plus without her massive hair extensions she just isn’t very hot either

  • su

    True. The question is, who the hell cares and why?

  • Lena Marita Berggren

    She looks like a normal person and that is probably a problem in Hollywood where women are supposed to look like skinny teenagers with Hollywood curls even though the characters been stuck in a cave for days…..I think she looks good!