Jessica Simpson Bans Her Father Joe’s Gay Pals From Wedding

Jessica Simpson Bans Her Father Joe's Gay Pals From Wedding

I have to admit I kind of figure that Jessica Simpson’s wedding to Eric Johnson is never really going to happen. It has already been conveniently interrupted by two pregnancies and Jess always seems to be in a state of planning but never really pins down the details. Either she and Eric are fighting or she wants to lose weight for the big day or else work gets in the way. There’s just always an obstacle. So now here we go again, Jess is planning her perfect day and her big issue is her father, Joe Simpson’s new found friends.

While Joe isn’t exactly confirmed as gay and he’s not fully out of the closet, he does surround himself with a colorful and very out group of friends. According to the March 10th print edition of GLOBE Jess has made it perfectly clear that none of Joe’s friends are welcome when she does exchange vows. She has been mortified by the way that Joe left her mother and she believes that his deceit has helped to really ruin her family. While he is still apart of her life she is completely embarrassed by his behavior and she fears even allowing him to bring a date would turn into a spectacle.

It’s Jess’s day and there is no way that she’s going to risk one of Joe’s flamey friends stealing her moment. I guess circling back to the real question, do you think Jess will actually plan out her version of the perfect wedding and actually follow through with it? Is there really going to be a wedding for Jess and Eric? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Jessica Simpson Bans Her Father Joe's Gay Pals From Wedding

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  • Brandon

    Eric is a looser with no job and has no right to take my girl from me I hate him without a doubt and Jessica loves the guy it makes no sense for her to get married at all as for everyone else the people that are singers,actors,athletes, and others are really not caring people at all including the government people that work for the White House