JFK Jr. Wanted To Leave Wife Carolyn Bessette For Charlize Theron At The Time of His Death

JFK Jr. Wanted To Leave Wife Carolyn Bessette For Charlize Theron At The Time of His Death

It’s hard to believe that John F. Kennedy Jr. and his wife Carolyn Bessette died nearly 15 years ago in a plane crash, isn’t it? The Kennedy family is never far from the headlines and recently a friend of JFK Jr’s decided to talk about how things were at the end of his life. It seems that his marriage was actually in shambles as Carolyn was a major coke head and was rumored to be cheating with a Calvin Klein model. According to the Jan. 27th print edition of GLOBE Magazine, Kennedy himself was totally infatuated with Charlize Theron, who was at the time a 23-year old model with a limited resume.

Kennedy’s friend says that he actually fell head over heels for Charlize after featuring her on the August 1998 cover of his George Magazine. He was contemplating ending his marriage to Carolyn in order to start a real relationship with Charlize. The friend was along for the ride the day that Charlize was shot as a sexy Martha Washington for the cover of George and he claims that the chemistry was palpable between the two.

Unfortunately Kennedy died and Charlize probably never realized until after he was gone just how much of an impact she had made on him. Supposedly he was formulating a plan to woo the young actress and saw himself having a family with her. As for Charlize, she to this day credits the George cover as being a pivotal moment that helped to set her career in motion. Do you think that if Kennedy had lived his marriage would have ended? Would he really have gone after a woman like Charlize? She does seem to have been his type right? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

  • Angel 2009

    Never cared for Carolyn, she acted like an arrogant ice princess. And doubtful that Charlize would have been a good match for him either.

  • allie

    Did Charlize know about this?

  • Sharmagne Weston

    Of course their marriage would have ended…he was a Kennedy male for goodness sake and he was gorgeous.

  • busybeeblogger

    Sounds like the affection was one sided, like most love stories.

  • L

    He saw himself starting a family with a 23 year old he’d just met? Probably not.