Orlando Bloom Punches Justin Bieber: Restaurant Fight Over Miranda Kerr and Selena Gomez – Biebs Runs Away! (VIDEO)

Orlando Bloom Punches Justin Bieber: Restaurant Fight Over Miranda Kerr and Selena Gomez - Biebs Runs Away! (VIDEO)

Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom reportedly got into a fight in Ibiza early Wednesday morning. As we know, Justin and Orlando have a complicated history thanks to their shared interest in Miranda Kerr and Selena Gomez. Thus, their fight isn’t completely unexpected, although the details are actually quite hilarious.

TMZ’s sources explain that Justin and Orlando were both hanging out at Cipriani restaurant with a bunch of other celebrities when the two crossed paths. The video at TMZ shows Justin shouting, “What’s up bitch?” Although the video is a bit shaky, eyewitnesses at the scene allege that Orlando threw a punch at Justin, which led to Justin running away from the scene – probably in tears. Apparently, the crowd even clapped after Justin left the restaurant, which says a lot about people’s feelings on the Biebz.

Justin’s and Orlando’s feud isn’t new, and it started during the Victoria’s Secret fashion show last year. Justin and Miranda got very close and supposedly hooked up after the show, which Orlando found out about. It was one of the factors that led to their breakup, but it wasn’t the only thing that might have caused this fight. Justin and Selena were also in the midst of one of their billion breakups when Orlando and Selena were rumored to have had a one-night stand, which might account for Justin’s aggressiveness upon meeting Orlando.

Seriously though, shoving and shouting? What are they, in high school? Plus, Orlando has every reason to be upset, considering Justin may have homewrecked his marriage. But Justin and Selena were broken up when Selena and Orlando hooked up, so what’s up with the attitude? Granted, it’s just Justin being Justin. Nothing surprising, although it’s quite funny how he ran away from the scene the minute he got hurt. As usual, Justin is all talk and no action.

One thing we saw in this squabble was that without his bodyguards Justin turns cur and runs away like a little b**ch – anyone surprised?