Kate Gosselin Obsessed With Fame and Money: Sister Accuses Kate Of Cutting Off Children From Their Family

Kate Gosselin Obsessed With Fame and Money: Sister Accuses Kate Of Cutting Off Children From Their Family

Is it any surprise that Kate Gosselin‘s family doesn’t really hold the highest opinion of her? We’ve been hearing for ages about how Kate’s cut off her entire family from speaking to her or her children, and Kate’s sister is finally speaking up about the family’s fractured relationship. Kendra Wilber opens up about her relationship with her dear sister, explaining that she doesn’t believe that Kate’s obsession with fame and money really meshes with the rest of the family’s down-to-earth attitude.

Kendra explains (Daily Mail), “Kate does not speak to her family at all. It is very painful. The last time we saw and spoke with her it was in our church parking lot. That was years ago, I have lost track of time. I guess we weren’t totally on board with what was going on with the kids, I guess we weren’t excited enough for her and were concerned about her family. I guess we have our own life and she wants a big life and we don’t fit in. We are just normal everyday people and she doesn’t want us to be part of her life.”

Kendra goes on to add that she, her siblings, and her parents would often try to get in touch with Kate and bury the hatchet, but to no avail. It’s pretty obvious that Kate’s trying her best to keep her family away from her children, because of course they don’t approve of the way she’s raising her kids. I mean, what family would approve of a parent shamelessly famewhoring their kids out for fame, money, and attention?

However, with that being said, Kendra’s not completely innocent in this. She claims Kate’s cut off ties with them because they didn’t ‘approve’ of her parenting and famewhoring – but she herself is speaking to the press right now, so does that make her a hypocrite? Or is this the only way that she’ll get Kate to pay attention to her?

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  • Angel 2009

    Two sides to every story and we may never know the truth but it’s sad that the Gosselin children are growing up with out extended family. Bonding with cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents can be an enriching life experience and it’s a terrible shame that those children are missing out.