Kate Middleton Bare Bum Scandal Update: Naked Butt Consequences For Duchess of Cambridge (PHOTO)

Kate Middleton Bare Bum Scandal Update: Naked Butt Consequences For Duchess of Cambridge (PHOTO)

I think at this point most women have kind of concluded after her bare bum photos were made public by German Bild magazine that Kate Middleton must kind of like exposing herself to the paparazzi because it’s an easy enough thing to avoid, right? Sure, anyone can have the misfortune of wearing a dress on a windy day and being caught off guard, but it’s the kind of thing that if it happens once and mortifies you, then you make sure it can’t happen again. Spanx, boy shorts, whatever. There are lots of options to cover up beneath a little dress and the British media seems to collectively believe that Kate purposely doesn’t do it.

According to the June 16th print edition of In Touch magazine the British press has shied away from publishing the most recent bare bottom shot of the duchess, that doesn’t mean they aren’t talking about it. The majority believes that Kate purposely takes risks as a way to rebel against the queen and all of the rules that she must adhere to as a member of the royal family. She was pretty wild before Prince William proposed and that inclination never fully dies. Royal watchers and British commenters alike seem to firmly believe that no woman would accidentally have this many accidents with photographers. Kate likes for people to know that she’s not a stuffy royal and this is one small way to make that happen.

Now that Queen Elizabeth has ordered Kate to get it together do you think that she’ll really listen? Or will she temporarily do as she’s told until the pressure is off? I suspect there are more nude Kate photos coming in the future don’t you? Have we seen her assets for the last time? Tell us your thoughts in the

  • SpringBeauty

    My opinion of Catherine has done a complete 180. She simply must be doing this intentionally, or she is the world’s stupidest woman. She is humiliating herself, her family, the monarchy and the British people, with her wanton exhibitionism.

    • Gia

      It is stunning. It really is, even with the moral standards as low as they are these days, you’d think they’d reign her in. The royals all flipped out just because Diana didn’t want an adulterous marriage. But they’re OK that Middleton shows her stuff all the time. And William must get off on it or else he’d make it stop. Diana would never, and never did, act like that, nor has the queen, nor has Anne. No one except a crazy person would act like Middleton does.

  • Laura

    It is definitely that she wanted it to happen. Every girl knows about such things and worries since childhood. Kate looks like she is so
    Crasy about her body, she thinks that she is so beautiful, remember
    Her skinny jeans that are so thight… That she wants to show it everyone . Duchess should not act like this…besides, she has really short legs, so there is no matter what is her butt look like…..

    • Gia

      Her butt is pretty dumpy looking from what that photo showed. Like a couple of tubby-looking, brown potatoes rubbing together. Bleah ! She’s so tacky ! That photo was just the worst. Kate and William looked like fools, walking away together and her with her naked butt hanging out. Total morons.

  • Gia

    The royals are all even more of a joke now that Middleton and Her Butt have taken over.

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