Kate Middleton Bare Bum Photos PR Tour: Scotland With Prince William To Repair Bild Naked Butt Damage (VIDEO)

Kate Middleton Bare Bum Photos PR Tour: Scotland With Prince William To Repair Bild Naked Butt Damage (VIDEO)

Prince William and Kate Middleton headed to Perth and Kinross in Scotland, marking their first official outing since their tour of Australia last month. Kate Middleton arrived in a red Athena Wool Jacquard Coat, honoring Scottish designer Jonathan Saunders.

Although Middleton never removed her coat, once can assume she was ordered by Queen Elizabeth to wear panties underneath the ensemble. You would think that it would go without saying that she wear undergarments during photo-ops, but considering the current naked bum photos making their way around the internet she obviously needs specific instructions.

Earlier this week Bild Magazine posted photos of Middleton’s naked butt, a photographer snapped the picture while Kate and Prince William were walking away and a gust of wind caught her flimsy dress and blew it up around her waist. The incident really would have been just an unfortunate event coupled with unfortunate timing and easily forgivable, except Kate Middleton had opted not to wear any underwear that day. The world is still trying to wrap their brains around why the Duchess would choose not to wear any panties during a public photo-op on a windy day.

Prince William and Kate’s trip to Scotland is obviously an attempt to put the nude butt photos behind them and clean up their image. The Royal Family has opted to completely ignore the photo in Bild Magazine, and try to combat the scandal by giving the public something more positive to focus on. Today Kate and her Royal hubby visited Strathearn Community Campus, met with members of the Scottish Air Ambulance, and visited MacRoff Park to unveil a plaque that dubbed the park a Field in Trust.

Prince William and Kate Middleton are putting in some serious effort to try and get past the nude photo scandal that has no doubt rocked the Palace. Do you think that they are handling the issue correctly by completely ignoring the photo and trying to move past it, or should they actually address the incident publicly and issue a statement regarding it? Let us know what you think in the comments below!