Kate Middleton Pregnant With Twin Girls? – Palace Confirms Pregnancy – Report

Kate Middleton Pregnant With Twin Girls? - Palace Confirms Pregnancy - Report

We have been telling you all for a few weeks now that it looks like Kate Middleton really is pregnant with baby number two. I know, there have been rumors for months that a baby was on the way and at one point it was rumored that she was 4 months pregnant in spite of being a size zero and playing basketball at a public outing! So what is different now? Her behavior mainly. Kate seems to be MIA since returning from her fabulous stint in Australia. She also opted out of a charity event hosted by Ralph Lauren in favor of a quiet night at home! We know that Kate loves Prince George but seriously, she had to have a great reason to turn down a night with Lauren, right?

According to the June 2nd print edition of OK! Magazine not only has Kate announced the second pregnancy of twin girls to the royal family but the palace is very close to making a public announcement to confirm the happy news. As we have already told you our sources said that Kate and Prince William intended to start trying for baby number 2 earlier this spring when they took a solo trip before leaving as a family for down under. If she conceived then it means that Kate would be 8-10 weeks along and morning sickness could easily explain why we haven’t seen her recently.

Supposedly Kate is already putting on some serious weight causing those closest to wonder if it could be twins this time around. William has already made no secret of the fact that he would like a little girl (or two) toddling around the palace. Do you think he will get his wish soon? Are you believing the rumors this time around that Kate is pregnant? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!