Kate Middleton Pregnant Ten Weeks After Miscarriage: Princess and Prince William Confirm Second Child Pregnancy – NEW PHOTOS

Kate Middleton Pregnant Ten Weeks After Miscarriage: Princess and Prince William Confirm Second Child Pregnancy - NEW PHOTOS

This time around Prince William has vowed to do everything in his power to make sure that pregnant Kate Middleton will go well and be as easy for her as possible. The royal couple has reportedly confirmed to those closest to them that just ten weeks after Kate was reported to have suffered a miscarriage she is indeed pregnant again. While the couple wasn’t exactly trying to conceive at this point Kate was shocked and thrilled to find out that she is pregnant yet again According to the Sept. 8th print edition of GLOBE Magazine the Duchess of Cambridge is insisting that this baby is meant to be, because of the unexpected timing.

Stress from all sides was thought to have played a role in Kate Middleton’s miscarriage earlier this summer. She was dealing with the constant negativity from Camilla Parker-Bowles, the pressure of Royal engagements while being a new mother and even Queen Elizabeth had hassled Kate Middleton over a variety of things. First it was Kate’s rebelling by not wearing underwear and then it turned towards her parenting style. Queen Elizabeth has come a long way in modernizing the monarchy but her ideas for Prince George still border on the archaic while Kate and Prince William want their son and second child to have a somewhat normal upbringing.

It’s no wonder Kate wanted to escape life at Kensington Palace and convinced her husband to relocate to their refurbished country home in Anmer Hall! Now Prince William thinks that this decision was the best that they could have made and he believes it is the perfect place for the newly pregnant Kate. Sources close to the couple say that there is no way that a confirmation of Kate Middleton’s pregnancy will come before she passes the 3 month mark with her second child pregnancy – especially coming only ten weeks after the sad miscarriage report. This time around they aren’t taking any chances and that includes officially letting the cat of the bag too soon.

Are you surprised that Kate Middleton is pregnant again so soon after having a miscarriage? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Prince William and Kate Middleton try to slip through Kings Cross Station with dog Lupo and without baby George from Kings Lynn, Norfolk back to London, England on August 29, 2014. The couple dressed in plain clothes and wore caps to try to disguise themselves

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  • micmac

    Celebrity Dirty Laundry, or, more likely, some of its more negative correspondents, seem to think that Kate should be on public show 24/7. The big rush is that they don’t get it that Prince William is not the direct heir to the throne, only second -in-line, according to the Act of Succession. Charles is the heir, and since the Queen is also the head of the Church of England, and took a coronation oath as such, she can’t abdicate either. She has finished any overseas travelling for now, and Kate now has to go in her stead to Malta. This is no holiday jaunt, and Kate has had to read everything she can lay her hands on for the Malta trip. If Elizabeth II can’t continue to do her Queenly duties to the Govt, a Regent may be appointed which would be Charles.

  • micmac

    I hope so, too. Kate and Wills have only this time to have any more children, and enjoy them, before things get a lot busier in their world. Unfortunately, they aren’t being left alone in peace to get on with it.

  • jj

    Rh factor?

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  • Mellissa

    Too bad you aren’t a nurse…but then again a heartless wretch such as yourself would make a less than mediocre one anyway. They have a little something called compassion. You should look it up and try to emulate it. Then perhaps happiness could be within your reach?

  • Mellissa

    Really, he doesn’t worry? Not even in the slightest?? You’re beyond delusional! How the hell do you know what anyone feels, let alone William?! All you spout is hate. People like you are the ones that make this beautiful world an ugly place. You’re so disgusting that if anything tragic were to happen to William, Catherine, or George you would brag about it. Now tell me how does that make you a better person than any of them? Get off your high horse and stop pointing fingers. Live by your own words or STFU about it already

  • baywaterblue

    Simply because that’s what she is! Her primary duty was to produce an heir and a ‘spare’ which she has almôst completed. Following the birth of the secônd child, her duty shall be completed and she will continue down the road of useless appearances and photo ops promoting sèlect charitable caûses. She has to date, contributed nothing of substance to any of the charties fir which ßhe is patron and would do well to look to the Princess Royal for guidance in becoming a productive member of the royal family whilst raising a fsmily. The Princesd Royal did a masterful job of combining the two.

  • Suzanne Ennazus

    Do Americans seriously believe this made up nonsense?