Kate Middleton and Prince William Fight Over Baby Number Two: Kate Takes George and Goes on Vacation Without Will

Kate Middleton and Prince William Fight Over Baby Number Two: Kate Takes George and Goes on Vacation Without Will

Kate Middleton and Prince William have been together for eons and so they have to argue just like any other normal couple but we never ever really hear about it. Instead their relationship is portrayed as a happy union and for the most part I think that perception is pretty much on target. I do believe that William dotes on Kate and goes out of his way to try and ensure her comfort while swimming in a sea of royal sharks, however that doesn’t mean that they are always perfectly in sync.

William is spending ten weeks of this year studying agriculture at Cambridge University. While this may be a necessary tool to ensure that he is equipped to handle future duties it certainly is rumored to be causing a lot of friction between the couple. While William has been handed an apartment on campus to ensure that he can study in peace it also puts him in close proximity to total college life, including plenty of opportunities to kick back and party with some of his new friends.

Meanwhile Kate has been at home chasing after Prince George and dealing with the likes of Camilla Parker-Bowles as well as Prince Charles’ new found desire to control everything including Kate and Will’s press. In other words Will is reliving his youth while Kate is handling all of the grown up situations on her own.

Then there’s that whole issue of baby number 2. Kate had originally said that the couple had a five year plan – 3 kids in that time frame and then their family would be complete. William is said to love fatherhood and is ready to begin working on a brother or sister for Prince George, however Kate isn’t totally in agreement. She is finally feeling like herself again. Her body has bounced back, the postpartum funk has lifted and she is feeling more confident as a mother. She’s not too anxious to start over with morning sickness etc while chasing after a very mobile baby. The fact that she’s not totally trusting William’s activities right now isn’t helping matters.

The couple has been so at odds over the issue that when the annual trip to Mustique rolled around Kate opted to join the Middleton family and bring along her son while William stays behind at school. You don’t really think that William was thrilled with the idea of missing his son’s first plane ride or that he is totally at ease with not being with his wife and son to keep the paparazzi at bay, do you? Of course not. But in the midst of the discord William didn’t have much of a choice. Kate made it clear that her life will go on, whether he is in attendance or not. Do you think this baby drama is simply a speed bump that Kate and William need to work through or will it turn into a huge issue? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!