Kendall Jenner Dumped Harry Styles Because He Refused To Take Her On One Direction Tour

Kendall Jenner Dumped Harry Styles Because He Refused To Take Her On One Direction Tour

It was cute while it lasted. I’m talking about that ten week fling that Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles enjoyed earlier this winter. The two seemed to be pretty hot and heavy and trailed each other from L.A. To NYC to London and so on. They seemed to get along great and obviously enjoyed traveling together and that may have been part of the problem.

One Direction’s management wasn’t fond of the relationship of the fact that it played out in such a visible way. Kendall is used to living every moment of her life with a film crew trailing her while Harry is supposed to be a bit more mysterious. The 1 D fan girls are at least supposed to be able to fantasize that he could be their boyfriend, not see pics of him with another chick all over the net.

According to the March 24th print edition of National Enquirer Harry was actually forbidden from allowing Kendall to join him for part of the 1D tour and it was a rule that he chose to abide by. That totally set Kendall off. She expected him to go to bat for their relationship and when she realized that she wasn’t quite as important as she had once thought then she pulled the plug. Within one conversation Harry went from being Kendall’s dream guy to being a spineless, weak idiot that didn’t deserve her attention.

Should Harry have fought with management to allow Kendall to stick around for tour? Do you think that he would have if she had been more important to him? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Kim Kardashian takes her sister Kendall Jenner out shopping at Maxfield in West Hollywood, California on March 15, 2014

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  • Elizabeth

    They were cute I don’t know what happened and I feel bad because so many inmature girls are always ending hate to who ever harry date like damn leave the poor kid alone

    • Cara Jane

      They were never together though. It was PR just like him and Taylor. Anyone who pays attention knows he’s with Louis. Its obvious. Even if he wasn’t Hendall was PR.

  • Katlyn

    Yeah he should be able to date period. It’s his life. It’s obvious that his family and his career with the boys is more important to him than being in a relationship and that’s a good thing, but on the other hand, he still deserves to get to know someone sometimes and have fun and live his life. I’m only saying this because I am a true Directioner and I love them very much and I want the best for him and the band members :)

  • Prices

    Stop bringing up bs like this. No such thing happened!

  • Isabelle

    Lol they were never together. I actually laughed at this article. Even if they were together, why would harry take Kendall with him on his tour??? ????????

  • harry’s mom


  • Daisy

    LOL…can’t dump someone when they were never together. It was all a PR nightmare.

  • Jharia

    she broke up with him bc this? what kendall thought was a little selfish. just bc she couldn’t go? lol

  • laila

    its just PR. he´s with louis

    • Kaitlyn

      No he is not. Yes I watch the video but Louis is happy with Eleanor and people send hate because they think Larry is real!

    • Jennifer


  • xjonaspones

    LMAO im so tired of these stories about how they broke up. almost as annoying as ‘haylor’ was. we all know he wasnt really dating kendall. their pr teams are such flops.

  • Amber

    i think that the fact that she dumped someone because of a tour is kinda pathetic! if she really “liked” him she should’ve respected his decision… i m mean relationships are based on trust, love and respect… the fact she had none of that means she didn’t like him to begin with… she was just with Harry for the “attention”…. but seriously who would date Harry Styles? definitely not me… i mean seriously the guy is like so gay first of all! second of all he has a HUGE ego due to the fact he thinks because there are so many girls that like him he thinks EVERYONE likes him… well news flash there’s one girl here that doesn’t!! sorry, just thought i should put my 2 sense in anyway thanks :) but still Harry does deserve to live his life how he wants to and not let everyone else run his life for him even if he has a “contract”

  • holy cow

    “Within one conversation Harry went from being Kendall’s dream guy to
    being a spineless, weak idiot that didn’t deserve her attention.”

    this is sooo fucking funny.

  • kaitlyn

    honey he gay

  • Danafang

    If they were together for longer (assuming they were really dating) I could understand him fighting to take her on tour with him. But they had only “supposedly” been together for a few months, so I doubt their relationship would be ready for the equivalent of living together. “Hendall” smelled like PR however; and he still has 20 times the chemistry with a certain bandmate I won’t name.

  • Directioner??Love

    She’s not worth it

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