Kenya Moore Dating Kordell Stewart: Porsha Stewart Real Housewives of Atlanta Star Gets Wild

Kenya Moore Dating Kordell Stewart: Porsha Stewart Real Housewives of Atlanta Star Gets Wild

It’s evident that Kenya Moore likes to go after other people’s men whether they are together or divorced. After being beat down by former NFL player Kordell Stewart’s ex wife, Porsha Williams, on last season’s Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion show, Kordell is one man she shouldn’t try to date. Yet Kenya Moore is dating Kordell Stewart!

Sources say fellow cast mate, Peter Thomas is opening up a new “Bar One” where Stewart and Moore both attended and apparently hit it off. There’s no doubt that this will be GREAT drama for the show, but not for Kenya’s life. Porsha Srewart may beat Kenya Moore to a pulp for dating her ex husband, Kordell Stewart.

Kenya could be taking the crown away from Queen Nene Leakes this season. They are both attention whores, but who’s the biggest? Kenya has been accused of faking scenes, stirring up more drama to get even more airtime. When she first joined the cast of the hit show back in season 5, her relationship with Walter Jackson, was fake. AT least according to him it was.

While Moore has a lot of supporters, she has even more haters. She was recently booed while at a Boyz II Men and En Vogue concert. She was there with fellow cast mate Cynthia Bailey who got a nice cheer from the crowd, but once Kenya’s face showed , the cheers went away.

Reality Tea says, “Cynthia and Kenya came out on stage to introduce Boyz II Men…when they called Cynthia’s name there was lots of cheering and clapping but Kenya was all booing.”

Kenya then went to Twitter saying, “Always take the high road. Let the haters have the gutter.”

Moore has also denied rumors of dating Kordell Stewart. Lying is this girls life, so who really knows.

Guess we will find out what really happened on the new season of Real Housewives of Atlanta, premiering November 2nd on Bravo!

Photo Credit: Kenya Moore FameFlynet

  • BellaB

    Gees! That’s one ugly broad. Or, is this person a transvestite?

  • gonoles1

    I thought Kenya was saying he was gay….oh ya, she will take anything….

  • eyecandy

    Ashy feet..How can a person make so much$$but can’t keep those critters(her feet greased up),Yea greased up..most very dark skin people put vaseline on their feet..I maybe light skinned&I don’t believe in Ash foot like moore hoer pops said.I just might stop watching the show just because of her&Cynthia needs to grow a spine..

  • Porchia Mat

    Go girl haters will always hate no matter what. Hope u r with kordell. Poosha gold digger. Prefer you than leakes and Poosha anytime.

  • tiffybunzz

    I was at the concert!!! Kenya did indeed get booed after Cynthia spoke. She received cheers. The distinction was obvious and embarrassing.

  • Jay Smith

    People like to talk about Kenya yet can’t keep her name out their mouth

  • Juliehen

    Kordell and Kenya deserve each other they are both nasty. Kordell is a serious control freak and Kenya is up her own backside seriously how someone hasn’t punched her lights out yet is beyond me.

  • Mom

    She needs to be off the show. Skank!!!