Khloe Kardashian Wants Lamar Odom Back After Cryptic Instagram Message But Kris Jenner Forbids It

Khloe Kardashian Wants Lamar Odom Back After Cryptic Instagram Message But Kris Jenner Forbids It

Why couldn’t they leaves things alone? Despite thinking this all got wrapped up months ago; there appears to still be a chance of reconciliation between Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom. Didn’t see it coming and am frankly embarrassed for and of Khloe – she’s the one that opened the door to talking. Unless there are kids involved then it’s best for divorcing coupes not to have contact in case they do end up saying or doing something stupid. Like Khloe did with her equally bizarre and cryptic message on instagram.

“You deserve someone who knows how to make things up to you after hurting you, Not someone who is very good with just the word, ‘sorry.’”

What did she mean by this? I know what I think she meant by it but am holding out hope that I’m wrong. yet how can I be when other people see it too. The Stir’s take on the message was “Very true, Khloe, very true. But what’s the point in even going there and pointing out the obvious that it seems Lamar is more interested in saying he’s sorry than showing it and actually being it? Is it because she’s opening the door for a re-do?” So what if he did change and started to apply himself again to their marriage. Even then Khloe shouldn’t take Lamar back. Besides of his drug problem and the many other women – she must also remember how his family showed their true colors during their split.

His daughter, Destiny, (most likely egged on by her mother) said she never thought they would work out and his father, Joe (a life-time junkie himself), blamed Khloe’s whole family for Lamar’s addiction. Odd seeing as many people would assume that Lamar picked up his habit after watching his father suffer through it most of his adult life, but sure let’s blame it on the superficial socialites.

And as bloggers have already pointed out, Khloe did try to save her marriage. She went above and beyond, way way beyond, and none of it mattered to Lamar then. Not her suffering or the way she was forced into distancing herself from her family. He just didn’t care and that shouldn’t be forgiven for throwing out an “I’m sorry” and expecting his wife to come running back. She has more important things to do now and Kris Jenner would never let a washed up has been ruin her daughter’s chances of dating someone currently famous!

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    OK CDL going after Lamar’s family is a low blow. Why didn’t you mention all the shit Khloe’s family said and did? Like putting all of Lamar’s business out in the streets. We would not have known all of his business had it not been for Khloe and her family putting it out there.