Kim Kardashian Believes That Kanye West Is Cheating With Protege Pia Mia?

Kim Kardashian Believes That Kanye West Is Cheating With Protege Pia Mia?

While Kim Kardashian may not be the brightest crayon in the box she does know to trust that little voice in her head that is telling her not to trust her baby daddy, Kanye West. There have been several instances where he has snuck out of the house and then been spotted by the paparazzi with other women such as Rihanna. Of course he has tried to minimize it but Kim isn’t exactly trusting Kanye’s explanations. According to the May 19th print edition of Star Magazine Kim is especially suspicious of Kanye’s relationship with 17-year old protege, Pia Mia.

While he insists that things are strictly business Kim understands what often goes on in the studio when a mentor is working with a hot young artist and Kim really thinks that Kanye and Pia have hooked up. Pia hasn’t exactly done anything to shoot down the rumors either. Instead of addressing them with a denial she tends to post things on Twitter that seem to give them credibility. She commented about that new film The Other Woman and them claimed that it’s the story of her life.

While Kim may appear to have Kanye she lacks something that he finds extremely appealing, talent. Kanye has hooked up with his protege’s in the past because he finds their talent to be an aphrodisiac. Obviously when it comes to that Kim has absolutely nothing to bring to the table and at the end of the day she knows it so it makes her nervous. The couple might be planning the perfect wedding but behind the scenes has been a series of fights over the way Kanye is choosing to live his life. Do you think that he’s capable of being faithful? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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