Robert Pattinson Refuses To See Kristen Stewart For Her 24th Birthday – He’s Playing The Field And She’s Heartbroken

Robert Pattinson Refuses To See Kristen Stewart For Her 24th Birthday - He's Playing The Field And She's Heartbroken

Kristen Stewart‘s 24th birthday has come and gone, but don’t wait for #RobstenUnbroken to happen, Twilight fans. Our sources tell us that Robert Pattinson is done with Kristen, and that there’s absolutely no way that he’s was going to fly out to meet her – even if they did date for three years. They’re over now, and he’s moved on.

After being in such a serious relationship for so long, Rob is done with monogamy for now and is playing the field. He’s already rebounded with several girls, including Riley Keough and Dylan Penn. However, Kristen has been waiting and waiting for a chance to reconcile with Rob, and with that hope, she’s refused to see anyone else. She hasn’t even been linked to anyone, which shows you how serious she is about wanting Rob back.

Unfortunately for her, her plan isn’t working – and Rob is still not interested in getting back together. After getting his heart broken with the whole Rupert Sanders ordeal, Rob is reportedly staying far away from Kristen and her mind games, and he’s simply refusing to see her anymore, even if it’s her birthday. While that does leave Kristen brokenhearted, it’s silly for her to have expected any more. She did cheat on the guy and humiliate him in front of the world, and he’s being nice enough not to throw her under the bus in every interview he gives. What else does she want? Yes, it’s her birthday and I’m sure she’ll have a wonderful day with her friends and family, but she can’t possibly expect an ex-boyfriend [who’s moved on] to drop everything and come fly to meet her. Nope, it’s just not happening.