Kristen Stewart Dating Robert Pattinson: Angry at RPatz’s Flings – Gives Twilight Star Relationship Ultimatum

Kristen Stewart Dating Robert Pattinson: Angry at RPatz's Flings - Gives Twilight Star Relationship UltimatumKristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson have been in the star-crossed lovers stage for what seems like forever, but how much longer can their friendship/relationship/whatever-it-is really last? Rob admitted that he and Kristen still keep in touch to this day, but he’s also ‘keeping in touch’ with a ton of other women.

There were even reports coming out during July 4th weekend that he was frequenting all the typical L.A. parties and hunting for a girlfriend and/or fling. And as such, the rumors of his relationships with Katy Perry and Imogen Kerr certainly haven’t died down. If anything, they’ve only gotten louder – especially with Rob’s playboy antics in full display.

While that’s all well and good for him, we have to wonder what it’s doing to his relationship with Kristen. We know Rob and Kristen aren’t technically dating anymore, but we have enough sources telling us that they still keep in touch and hook up from time to time. But since Kristen still clearly wants to get back together with Rob, how is she dealing with playing second fiddle to all those women? Not only that, but she’s also forced to witness the media linking him to every other woman he’s spotted with in public. Even if a quarter of those stories are true, that would mean that Rob’s been getting more romance action in the past month than Kristen has for the entire year.

Of course, there’s a reason Kristen hasn’t been spotted with anybody since her breakup with Rob. Sources claim that she’s still holding out hope for an eventual reconciliation, but apparently, seeing Rob hook up with so many other women has made her wary about dating him again. She’s rumored to have given him an ultimatum: stop hooking up with other women if he still wants to see her.

Will Rob agree? Do you think he even wants to get back together with Kristen that much? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

  • Annie. Miller

    Tell him to get tested that boy has been every where

    • Dawn

      You know its all a bunch of baloney.

  • no name!

    why you insisting that kristen given Rob for ultimatum? more lies from you!!!! there is nothing between them

    • Dawn

      Right on.

  • juju

    Forget about him, Kristen! What a womanizer, he’s gone nuts from fame!

    • Dawn

      Apparenty you believe all the false gossip about
      Rob. That is really sad.

  • Julie soule

    If it’s true about Rob and all his running around, why would Kristen want him back? Maybe they are both a little confused. They are young and famous!

  • Dawn

    Your reporting is just plain stupid. Rob talks to a woman and oh
    my he is hooking up with her. How ludicrous!!!! Why try to make
    Rob look bad? You do realize that some people are going to
    believe your lies. Why can’t Rob go out and enjoy himself?
    Why make false gossip and rumors into stories? Just because
    ks can’t be trusted, why say Rob is a womanizer? By the way this
    is supposed to be about Rob you insist on putting that ugly tramp
    in the story.


      @ Dawn, Rputz dose go out and enjoy himself,he has many people covering up for him. including Body Guards who carry him home when he is legless drunk,and sneak his one night stands out the back door.There are many sides to Rputz,he pays lots of money to people to keep him looking like he is a great guy.And you are the one who keeps K.S. alive,you cant blame her for his rotten acting,in case you live in a vacum,they split up,you are like a broken record,Kristen is to blame for everything. He is making his own bad decisions

  • Dawn

    No way hopefully. It would be very bad for Rob
    if they were back together.

  • Dawn

    Yes Rob realizes that ks is the one he will never
    be able to trust. He trusted her and loved her very
    much , look what she did to him. Again why
    shouldn’t Rob go out and have fun? Why make
    more of it then there is.

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  • katy

    Rob has dumped her and is never going back to the dumb cheater