Kristen Stewart New Haircut Pics – Pimps Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld at Paris Fashion Week (PHOTOS)

Kristen Stewart New Haircut Pics - Pimps Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld at Paris Fashion Week (PHOTOS)

You think Kristen Stewart saw Jennifer Lawrence‘s hair and thought that if she cut her hair, she’d have the same career? Kristen was spotted sporting a new haircut during Fashion Week in Paris, where she pimped out some Chanel with Karl Lagerfeld. The pictures show Kristen actually smiling, which is a miracle and a half. Guess someone’s not so grumpy when she’s being paid millions to sell the brand huh?

For all of Kristen’s talk and bluster, there’s no denying that when it comes down to it, she’ll do the work. She’ll pimp your clothes, she’ll sell your movie, she’ll get a haircut to ‘fit in’. Maybe it was just Twilight that she just hated selling? Because compared to her shilling Chanel and her promoting Twilight, she seems like she’s positively glowing at Fashion week. Or maybe she’s reveling in good reviews for her performance in Clouds of Sils Maria. It’s been a long, long time since Kristen faced a positive consensus on her acting skills, which were derided and lambasted following Twilight.

It’s also very clear why Kristen decided to sign on with Chanel in the first place. They’re a huge brand, they’re an internationally renowned fashion house, and in some ways, they can place Kristen on the international map even more than a movie can. She already has name recognition with Twilight, but now she has fashion cred, too. Forget all her comments in the past about how she doesn’t really care about clothes, etc. – that was when she wasn’t getting paid to promote Chanel. This is a whole different Kristen, i.e. one who actually realizes that her career hinges on this stuff.

Kristen Stewart at the Chanel Fashion Show Fall-Winter 20014-2015 during Paris Fashion Week – July 8

Photo Credit: FameFlynet