Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson Secret Dating Hook-Up at Venice Film Festival – Twilight Stars Together?

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson Secret Dating Hook-Up at Venice Film Festival - Twilight Stars Together?

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are currently not scheduled to make an appearance at this year’s Venice International film festival, it’s not like Twilight is still relevant, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t turn up there. The screening and competition schedule’s been released, but there’s always the chance of more films getting added to the lineup – a practice that happens quite often.

We already know that both Twilight stars Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson will be at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival, although that doesn’t necessarily guarantee that they’ll be meeting or running into each other. After all, they did a pretty good job of avoiding each other last year, despite the fact that their premieres were just days apart. Will they do it again this year? According to our sources, neither Rob nor Kristen wants to bring down the hailstorm of speculation that would follow an innocent [or not so innocent] reunion. They’re there to promote their movies, and they don’t want to distract the public from that.

However, they have no such compunctions about Venice Film Festival, since neither of their films are screening there. Film Festivals are a great place for networking and landing jobs, and we’ve been hearing whispers that both of them could fly out to the festival – even if they have no movies paying in competition. Plus, it would provide them a much more private opportunity to meet up and hang out, since the media won’t be expecting them there. The paparazzi won’t stake out in front of their hotels, as they’re bound to do in Toronto for TIFF. It’s the perfect opportunity for a clandestine hookup, even if it does seem a little Bonnie & Clyde for them to do.

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  • Reader

    Ok so, KS will be at the Venice film festival even tought she dowsn´t have any movie there, but she will not appear on the TIFF even tought she has two films showing there.

    What part of Stewart not making it to any other festival this year you don´t get she is in Japan is not like she is around the corner.

    Oh and after Japan she practically will be going back to LA just t pick up some clothes and fly out to South Africa.

    • Julie soule

      Too funny, love your comment

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  • Rach

    Unfortunately, with much self-pity, I call myself a hopelessly Robstensessed fan. Um, yeah. Still. I stalk them on Google everyday. And as much as I pray my f***ing as* off this to be true, I seriously doubt it. So imma just gonna go cry my heart out right now…

  • Seth Aicklen

    Bait and switch . . . They won’t be anticipated at the annual garlic festival either, so the paps probably won’t look out for them there, either. In fact, we can all avoid going there in order to not see them. What a hot story! Hold the presses!

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