Kylie Jenner Alleged Drugs and Booze Issues – Behaving Like Lindsay Lohan as a Teen Say Friends

Kylie Jenner Alleged Drugs and Booze Issues - Behaving Like Lindsay Lohan as a Teen Say Friends

Maybe Selena Gomez was smart to unfollow Kendall and Kylie Jenner on Instagram after their few weeks of friendship imploded after Coachella. It’s pretty bad when you are too dysfunctional for the girl who continues to date Justin Bieber but it seems that Selena is on to something. First of all, let’s remember that Kylie and Kendall are both still underage but according to the May 5th print edition of In Touch magazine that didn’t stop them from downing shots and tequila popsicles at Coachella. In Touch says: “a friend got Kylie a shot and warned her to be discreet about it and the weed.

While Kendall spent the weekend partying with men in their 30’s it was actually Kylie who raised more eyebrows. Ever since spending last summer unsupervised at a Malibu beach house girlfriend is all about partying. It’s the reason that she is so entrenched with Biebers crew- there’s an endless supply of booze and drugs flowing and she can get her fix easily.

Sources say that even Kylie’s friends are concerned that she is traveling the same path that Lindsay Lohan did when she was a teenager. Apparently a lot of people have been comparing the two and warning Kylie to be careful but she doesn’t care much. Kylie thinks is is entitled to the good time that she’s having and that nothing bad will come from it. And even worse, Kylie’s mother, Kris Jenner, is an alleged alcoholic and everyone knows that substance abuse problems run in families.

Do you think that Kylie can keep herself together and straighten out before it’s too late? Do you see similarities between her and Lohan? I think there is one big difference and that is that at one point Lohan was thought to be super talented. As of yet we still have no idea what Kylie is capable of accomplishing- will we get a chance to find out? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

What we see in comments around the web is that people are worried about Kylie – they fear that with an alcoholic mom and a broken home – and sisters with all kinds of awful slutty reputations that poor Kylie is on a path leading to big trouble.

Image Credit: Kylie Jenner Twitter

  • Nate

    Trash like her drunk mother.

  • janie

    This girl is big trouble! She’s so entitled and does what she wants. Neither parent care what she does.