Lark Voorhies First Public Appearance in 2 Years: Still Mentally Ill with Bipolar Disorder or On The Mend?

Lark Voorhies First Public Appearance in 2 Years: Still Mentally Ill with Bipolar Disorder or On The Mend?

A barely recognizable Lark Voorhies made a rare public appearance on Friday May 2 in Hollywood when she stepped out for the movie premiere of “Where We Started” at Arena Cinema. Attendees at the event were shocked to see Voorhies arrive, [Pics Here at Too Fab] since she had pretty much returned to obscurity after her high-profile interview with People Magazine in 2012.

You most likely remember Lark Voorhies as Lisa Turtle on the 90’s classic Saved By The Bell. After her stint on Saved By The Bell was over Voorhies began to fade into the world of retired 90’s actors, randomly appearing in a walk-on role on various television shows. In 2010 Lark began self-publishing her own books which were considered an obvious cry for help and forced fans to begin questioning her mental health.

She wrote a total of three books, “Reciprocity,” “Trek of The Cheschire,” and “True Light: A, superior, take, unto, the, premier, haloing, of, tenuation. Readily, available, True Light, provides, resource, into, time’s, motifed, and, vestuved, authenticate, revelation.” Yes, that is the actual title of the book an as you can see readers weren’t exaggerating and there was an obvious problem.

In 2012 Voorhies gave an interview with People Magazine, the interviewer noted that Voorhies wasn’t making any sense and would stop in mid-sentence and mumble to imaginary people. Hoorhies Mom came forward and explained that the 90’s star was battling depression and suffered from mental illness, which Voorhies vehemently denied.

Since the 2012 People Magazine fiasco Voorhies had pretty much dropped off the radar until Friday when she attended the movie premiere in Hollywood. So far no reports have emerged that Lark was talking to imaginary people at the premiere or acting bizarrely, perhaps the troubled star finally sought the held that she clearly needed and is on the mend.

Lark Voorhies, best known for her role as Lisa Turtle on “Saved By the Bell,” is spotted leaving Mr. Chow restaurant in Beverly Hills, California on August 3, 2009.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

  • JT

    Why would you even do a post on this when you don’t have the photographs you’re writing about? You’ve used pictures from 2009. This is worthless if you’re not going to show photos from the event on which you’re reporting.

  • Linda Nelson

    Why not post a great pic of Lark – she was looking fabulous here

  • Shannon

    1st) You guys don’t even have an updated photo of her
    2nd) If any of you had bothered to do some actually real investigation, you would have found out she has Lupus, which can affect the way one’s face looks.

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