Rihanna Plans To Attack Lena Dunham in Person at Next Event – Hates Her For Chris Brown Comment

Rihanna Plans To Attack Lena Dunham in Person at Next Event - Hates Her For Chris Brown Comment

Has there been a secret celebrity feud playing out behind closed doors? It’s starting to look that way according to Star magazine. Now as we all recall, Lena Durham had once made several backhanded comments about Rihanna and what she felt was the singer’s horrible decision to reunite with Chris Brown. Does anyone remember this tweet – “Rihanna and Chris Brown’s new duets make me want to go hide under Gloria Steinem’s bed for 72 hours”?

Admittedly it was slightly judgmental (even though many people including me felt the same way). Although Rihanna never did make a public statement at the time or at any time afterwards. It sounds odd because that almost never happens! Rihanna is quite vocal about the people she hates or just feels like they should mind their own business. The fact she let Lena slide sounds more like she couldn’t give a rat’s a** rather than a secret revenge plot hatched in someone’s dairy. I’m pretty sure if she was honestly angry as sources are claiming that she wouldn’t be miles away sunning on a beach right now.

As matter of fact I don’t know where this rumor started but it’s actually kind of funny. Specifically after Star magazine went with “Rihanna is vindictive, and so stirred up by Lena that she’s told her team she wants to be at the next event Lena goes to so she can go off on her in person!” I mean come on. If Lena was going to get a beat down then all Rihanna needed to do was return to NYC! You know where Lena lives and works and yet Rihanna has stayed put.

She could even have hunted Lena down easily at the multiple awards show during the DUM DUM DUUUM awards season! This whole story is ridiculous and if it weren’t for the entertainment value then I would have gone right past it. Because why do two talented albeit flawed women need to be in a feud all of sudden. At least when I speak nothing but crap its more me going off on a tangent instead of bringing up last year’s gossip!

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    Lena would easily snap the ho in two

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