Lil Za Arrested For Cocaine In Justin Bieber Drug and Egg Police Raid

Lil Za Arrested For Cocaine In Justin Bieber Drug and Egg Police RaidAn early morning raid was just concluded on Justin Bieber and his house as part of the police’s ongoing investigation into Justin Bieber’s felony vandalism case – you know, the one where he egged his neighbor’s house and caused $20,000 worth of damage? Anyway, the raid apparently resulted in Lil Za‘s arrest for cocaine – he was at his BFF Justin’s house at the time.

Sources tell TMZ that it’s not clear what drugs Lil Za was carrying at the time of his arrest, but he was definitely arrested on a felony drug possession. I’m getting the feeling that Lil Za decided to take the blame for Justin, because the timing’s definitely weird here. The cops decide to make a surprise raid on Justin’s house, and he manages to get away scot-free, with his best friend taking the downfall? This isn’t the first time Lil Za and Lil Twist have been accused for something that was clearly Justin’s fault, and Justin’s obviously a shitty enough friend that he’ll let them take the blame.

Apparently, eleven police cars went to Justin’s house this morning for the raid, and they had search warrants. Obviously, they were sick and tired of Justin getting away with breaking the law over and over again, and they were determined to stick a charge on him. They probably didn’t expect to catch Lil Za instead, but it’s not really clear whether they were looking for egg-related evidence or anything that was illegal. I mean, they obviously went in there first looking for evidence linking Justin to the egg attack, but anything else found during the search is ‘fair game’, as sources put it.

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