Long Island Medium Recap “In the Out Door” 8/17/14: Season 6 Episode 3

Long Island Medium Recap “In the Out Door” 8/17/14: Season 6 Episode 3

TLC’s reality show LONG ISLAND MEDIUM returns tonight with its third episode of season six. Tonight’s episode is called, “In the Out Door” Theresa nervously preps for her first colonoscopy. Will she go through with it or chicken out?

On the last episode, in the conclusion of the season premiere, Theresa and her family were still in Las Vegas, where a woman’s deceased son made his presence known during a reading; and another woman’s early arrival could spoil Theresa’s surprise. Elsewhere, the Caputos go for a hike in the desert and try indoor skydiving. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

For those of you unfamiliar with the show, Long Island Medium is an American reality television series on TLC that debuted on September 25, 2011. Based in Hicksville, New York, the series stars Theresa Caputo as she claims to be a medium who can communicate with the deceased. The series follows her life as she juggles clients and her family.

On tonight’s episode, Theresa nervously preps for her first colonoscopy. Will she go through with it or chicken out? Then, a man hopes to connect with his deceased wife. And later, Theresa helps a woman move forward after the lost of her mother in a tragic car accident.

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On tonight’s episode of Long Island Medium, Theresa has been called in to help a skeptic deal with the passing of his wife. Kevin didn’t really want to reach out to Theresa but his friends had convinced him that simply talking to her was going to be good for him. So he tried it and over the course of their session, he was constantly left amazed and slightly freaked out by the whole thing. Theresa knew things about him and Amber that no one else knows.

Kevin had lost his wife four years ago. She had had cancer and was beating it when she suffered from complications from her chemo therapy. So in a way, Kevin has always felt like he and his wife were cheated. And that’s when Theresa comes in. She can be the only person in the world that can give him that time back.

Theresa is more than a medium. She’s also a healer. She knew about Amber’s pregnancies and she even knew the exact time Kevin last spoke to Amber. Yet none of that compares to the message she was able to pass on to him from the other side. Theresa told Kevin that Amber likes his new girlfriend and that she hopes Kevin will treat the other woman as good as he treated her.

Kevin is getting re-married soon and thanks to Theresa’s assistance he was able to close the door on his life with Amber without feeling guilty. Mainly because he was given her full approval which he was never honestly expecting to receive. So although he started out as a cynic, after actually meeting Theresa, Kevin felt comforted by their session.

This is why people seek her out. She gives them back those last minutes they could have had with their loved one. And that’s why Theresa’s second client/patient was so grateful towards her. She had a fight with her mother and due to poor timing that conversation also happened to be the very last conversation they had. So this poor woman came to Theresa seeking forgiveness and her mother was able to reply through Theresa.

The fighting hadn’t matter to either of them. It wasn’t something that would have normally hurt their relationship but the mother had died soon afterwards so it remains a sticking point with the daughter. She wanted to know if her mother knew how much she was loved and she did. And all Theresa had to do was pass on the message.

Meanwhile Theresa received some unwelcome news. Seeing as she is of a certain age – her doctor has advised her to get a colonoscopy. Colonoscopy can identify or in luckier cases rule out early signs of cancer in the colon and rectum. So the procedure is quite a big deal. Though don’t tell Larry that because he finds Theresa having to do one of those extremely funny. Not that he actually thinks Theresa is going to go through with it – he just wants to laugh at all the ways he knows his wife is going to try and find a way to get out of it.

But she surprised them both by going through with it. It seems after seeing people all day long who have lost someone to this or that – she decided to play it safe with her own health. So she had the colonoscopy and it wasn’t that bad. She was still kind of loopy from all the drugs and it gave her husband a new reason to laugh!