Mel Gibson’s Battery Conviction In Oksana Grigorieva Case Expunged – Proof Celebs Can Get Away With Anything!

Mel Gibson's Battery Conviction In Oksana Grigorieva Case Expunged - Proof Celebs Can Get Away With Anything!

Mel Gibson‘s battery conviction in the Oksana Grigorieva case has been expunged; I guess this is just another example illustrating the fact that is doesn’t hurt to be a celebrity and have influence in the world. The judge recently removed the conviction from Mel’s record, essentially giving him a fresh slate, after he successfully completed three years of probation. His conviction was a result of him hitting Oksana in the mouth and, consequently, knocking out two of her veneers. Yikes. Do you think that Mel, even though he did complete the terms of his probation, should be walking away with a clean slate?

Mel completed 16 hours of community service and 52 weeks of counseling, perhaps to help manage his anger and borderline craziness. It seems as if Oksana is out of his life for the time being — but they’ll never be able to get rid of each other for good. They’re bound to see one another and cross paths sometime. After all, they had a kid together.

Back in 2011, a settlement between the two parties got a bit crazy. Mel and Oksana reached a deal that let her walk away with $750,000, a house, and some other items. In return for all of that, she said that she would leave him alone. They also agreed to a 50/50 custody agreement of their daughter, Lucia.

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  • carrie

    The story about that he broke 2 of her veneers never was proved true.Her dentist said she went to see him for 2 damaged veneers without to give the reason and without that he thinks about violence
    In fact when you see the little sentence,the judge only sentenced Gibson for his rant phone .When you look all the story of their trial,Oksana wins the minimum and Gibson has been sentenced to the minimum( the judge didn’t believe her but he thought Gibson was temperal)