Porsha Stewart to Quit Real Housewives of Atlanta for New York City Boyfriend: “Very Special” Man Already Taking Advantage of Her

Porsha Stewart to Quit Real Housewives of Atlanta for New York City Boyfriend: "Very Special" Man Already Taking Advantage of Her

Guess who’s already off the market. Porsha Stewart has had a rough 2013 and so many are glad she isn’t sitting around home mourning her jerk of an ex-husband anymore. As it turns out Kordell Stewart was less the Prince Charming she’d thought he would be and luckily she didn’t have to kiss too many frogs afterwards to find someone that would appreciate her. It barely seems like a year  has passed with her being single before she announced she had found someone “very special“. And when well all is said and done that is good for her. She didn’t let her bitter divorce stop her from believing in love. Still Porsha wouldn’t be Porsha if she didn’t make things harder for herself. Tell me, why did she gets into a relationship with a man that lives several states away?

Her new boyfriend just happens to live in New York while she’s a Real Housewife of Atlanta. What kind of future could there be in that? If she wants to be the one to make concessions then it requires her giving up her only source of income in order to move to NYC. Hmm… broke and relying on a man to take care of you – I swear I think I’ve seen this before. Porsha. What happend to her post-divorce life lesson she so easily shared with Radar? “Never to lose yourself in love. It’s okay to love a man but it’s better to love yourself more and you need to always stay focused on your goals even within it, and just still be independent and still believe in love and enjoy it”.

Please keep that attitude! It doesn’t matter how sweet a guy is if you’re carrying out a long distance relationship then someone is bound to be making sacrifices. Porsha was recently in NYC to see him and mind you this was during freezing temperatures. We were warned not to take in deep breathes. Sorry, why couldn’t he have flown to Atlanta? Porsha dear, stick to the original plan and find that loving partner you need. Not want, need! Don’t date celebs! She’s been there and done that. Instead how about a relationship where Porsha puts herself first. She didn’t get that with Kordell because he always wanted her to do his bidding. So she needs to find someone who considers her needs first!

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  • Jadzeia

    I just wish she was intelligent, well-educated and had better communication skills. It’s bad enough that many of the women on the show don’t have a good command of the English language or act crazily.