Prince Harry Bringing Camilla Thurlow To Kensington Palace Birthday Party – Queen Elizabeth Approves Girlfriend?

Prince Harry Bringing Camilla Thurlow To Kensington Palace Birthday Party - Queen Elizabeth Approves Girlfriend?

Prince Harry has a new girlfriend, and she looks eerily like Kate Middleton. But when all’s said and done, Camilla Thurlow seems a lot more suited to royal life than Harry’s recent girlfriends, including movie-star wannabe Cressida Bonas and party girl extraordinaire, Chelsy Davy.

Harry does have his 30th birthday party coming up, which we know will be a big deal for the royals. There are already reports suggesting that Kate Middleton is planning a bash at Kensington Palace for the big event, which means that it might end up becoming a stodgy and staid affair instead of the craziness that usually surrounds Harry. But that also means that it’ll be a palace-approved event, which indicates that every guest at the party will have to be pre-approved by Queen Elizabeth and her minions.

Prince Harry Bringing Camilla Thurlow To Kensington Palace Birthday Party - Queen Elizabeth Approves Girlfriend?

You know what that means, don’t you? BORING. Harry probably won’t be allowed to bring any of his crazy party buddies, and even if he does, they’re not going to be able to fly off the hook and party like they want to. However, it does mean that there’s a high chance of Harry bringing Camilla Thurlow to the party. IF Harry does bring Camilla to Kensington Palace, then expect the engagement and wedding rumors to start in earnest. After all, the palace isn’t a place that you bring a casual date to, especially with the Queen in attendance. Harry bringing Camilla to the palace would show everyone that he’s serious about her, including his own family. And that means that the wedding bells are going to start ringing soon after.

To be fair to Camilla, she hasn’t famewhored her relationship with Harry to the media yet, which in itself puts her significantly above most of Harry’s trysts.

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  • meme

    what do you mean not yet…we already know her academic history and employment information and if the information about the 2 dates to harry’s place is true, we know that too. this is info that could only have come from her or those closely associated with her. maybe the reason we don’t know more is because there isn’t more to know. im still curious to know how the press knew who she was immediately. the story came out with her name and info the day after they were supposedly seen kissing. now how is that even possible if she or someone close to her isn’t talking

  • Fed Up

    Weren’t Cressy and Chelsy invited to the party as well? That should be a very interesting event. Chelsy just got engaged and Kate doesn’t like Cressy.

  • micmac

    It will be interesting to see what really happens. Chelsy Davy is supposed to be getting engaged to Charles Goode, a jeweller, who can really supply the bling, custom made if she prefers. Cressida would probably come if Chelsy does, since Cressida’s brother is mates with Chelsy’s fiance. And Cressida is still mates with the York side of the family, as far as anyone knows. Then there is the new girl on the block. Whatever happens I hope it is all for the best. Whatever happens, I hope that all ends well for Prince Harry.

  • fuzzy beer

    Wow…engaged…so soon?

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  • cammilla thurlow

    Prince Harry is rightful to marry Cressida Bonas.He could die from 2002, without her. I broke them up to prove something to myself. Im sorry Harry cause Princess Cressida is to be the best Duchess. Peoples of great britain. Please praise them, both together.Cressy can really do things to people. And im only proud of his royal highness to have his beautiful dancer.