GLOBE: Dying Queen Elizabeth Panics – Royals Going Broke and Camilla Parker-Bowles The Biggest Problem (PHOTO)

GLOBE: Dying Queen Elizabeth Panics - Royals Going Broke and Camilla Parker-Bowles The Biggest Problem (PHOTO)

We have been saying for months now that the Royal family is just like everyone else around. They are subject to in-fighting, have totally dysfunctional family members and now it seems that even their finances are taking a hit. According to the March 10th print edition of GLOBE magazine the family’s spending has gotten out of control and the end result is more unnecessary stress on Queen Elizabeth whose health is already failing.

There have been rumors for months about the state of Camilla Parker-Bowles and Prince Charles’ marriage. She is bound and determined to see him claim his birthright and become the next king. If she doesn’t end up on the throne beside him then the divorce is on. She has used a $350 million dollar split to try and motivate him to battle for the place in history that is rightfully his. If they divorce it will take that much money to convince Camilla not to give up the family’s dirtiest secrets to the press.

Add to that Kate Middleton and Prince William’s complete overhaul of Kensington Palace and the fact that Prince Harry parties hard and blows a ton of money wherever he goes and you are left with a quickly dwindling bank account! No wonder Elizabeth is worried, not for herself but for the stability of the family long after she is gone.

Also inside the March 10th print edition of GLOBE magazine is a close look at some of the hottest Academy Award contenders this year. Just like everyone else, stars like Leo DiCaprio and Cate Blanchett have gone through some pretty dicey stuff to get where they are now. You can read all about some of the situations that they had to escape in order to become successful.

Imagine if Barbara Walters was losing her mind? Well in this week’s GLOBE we learn some frightening details about Alan Greenspan’s former hookup. And what about the talented but obese 330 pound John Goodman?  This week’s edition reports on his surgery drama!

The latest issue of GLOBE is on news stands now so make sure you grab a copy. In the mean time, do you think that Cami and Charles will eventually find themselves divorcing regardless of who is crowned the next king? You know that whatever happens GLOBE will be on it first and in the greatest detail.

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  • Gulliiavble

    No no no

  • DuchessDolittle

    The royals are not even close to being broke. They have income from many sources and the queen owns about 1/6th of the planet, no joke –
    They might have an ulterior motive for allowing these dumb stories, maybe they are rating low and want sympathy ! What a laugh.

    • Denese

      It’s just a twist on the story about how the Queen spends the money from the civil list. It’s all going to helicopter rides to official duties and nothing to maintain the official residences.

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