Robert Pattinson Recovering From Alleged Drinking Problem – Realized Substance Abuse Would Tank Career!

Robert Pattinson Recovering From Alleged Drinking Problem - Realized Substance Abuse Would Tank Career!

According to recent reports and hints dropped by Hollywood sources, Robert Pattinson may have had a secret drinking problem that no one knew about. It would certainly explain why he’s been hanging out with Zac Efron, of all people. We already know Zac isn’t known for his sobriety, and Rob has been partying quite a lot lately.

Star Magazine‘s source claims, “Rob had a hard time adjusting to fame and his breakup with Kristen [Stewart], and he turned to alcohol to numb it all. He drank a lot every night, and even during filming. But his health was suffering, and he realized his reputation for drinking could cost him plum roles.”

Is this so hard to believe? Daniel Radcliffe notably had a drinking problem as well, and that was without the public infamy that came with his girlfriend cheating on him in front of the whole world. Clearly, something about all these YA franchises is causing its actors to turn to alcohol, but with Rob’s situation, he’s always been a social drinker – maybe a little too much.

He’s admitted to drinking before auditions, and he’s usually photographed at bars or parties these days. Even if his vice isn’t alcohol, plenty of people have said that Rob’s had an issue with substance abuse, even if these allegations haven’t technically been proven yet.

And trust me, they won’t be. Rob’s people are very loyal to him and very protective of him, and they won’t go to the press with this. And if Star‘s source is right, then he’s already realized that his health and appearance are more important, especially if he wants to continue acting. Alcohol doesn’t do the best things to people’s faces or bodies, and it’s not like Rob has the acting skills to keep him employed without his looks. Sorry Twi-hards, but you know it’s true.

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  • cathy

    BS – You are basing this story on Star magazine – REALLY ????? Stop with the LIES !!!!

  • Bella

    A secret drinking problem! You have got to be kidding. There have been videos and pics of him looking drunk since the first twilight movie. This should be no surprise to anyone. I hope he gets the rehab that he needs because he does seem like a nervous kind of guy.

  • Peyton

    While the Star is not a reliable gossip rag…but In keeping it real, in a lot of Rob’s non-working photos he does look like he’s had a more than a couple of drinks or high on something. It’s been 2 yrs now, can people move on from always mentioning Kristen in articles that are meant to written about him (Rob).Move on. They apparently have. Maybe hanging out with Zac is good sponsorship…Substance Abuse and alcoholics always have sponsors. This is just an opinion. Wishing him the best regardless.