Robin Thicke Caught Cheating With Mysterious Woman In Paris – Paula Patton Furious (PHOTOS)

Robin Thicke Caught Cheating With Mysterious Woman In Paris - Paula Patton Furious (PHOTOS)

Robin Thicke was spotted recently having some “fun” on the dance floor in Paris. Normally there wouldn’t have been anything big about if it weren’t for who was dirty dancing with. Robin was in Paris and unfortunately his wife was still in LA! This is nothing new for wife Paula Patton. It seems every time he’s given leeway he acts inappropriate with any young girl he could find.  There was that Miley Cyrus performance that was way too out there and it didn’t help any that Robin appeared to be having the time of his life. And the latest disrespect to his wife, one before Paris, was when he was caught fondling a fan’s ass. There was photos to prove it so you would think he’d be more careful anytime he were to spot a flash. Guess not seeing as there’s now several photos of him and the Parisian dancing, cuddling, and what many are assuming are a kiss.

Thanks to the Daily Mail we got a full account of Robin’s actions and pics at the club. “They appeared to be giving each other a kiss on the cheek as they embraced.She also held his face in her hands as she whispered in his ear. Robin was joined on the dancefloor by numerous other revellers but the curly haired beauty was never far from his side.” After reading that I can only assume Robin must want a divorce. No man would go out of his way to humiliate his wife like this unless he was looking forward to a divorce.  I saw the pictures and in one of them it  looked like lip to lip contact!

A case can be made that Robin looked drunk in the photos and yet the hard  truth is many people only show their true colors when they’re under the influence. Paula is a beautiful woman that he’s been with since she was in high school. She probably doesn’t think she deserves more, but she does. There is only so much of “stand by your man” a woman can do before she begins to look stupid. Tell me what you think? Should she stay to work it out or should she finally call it quits?

  • Angel 2009

    He’s a serial man ho but she seems to tolerate his indiscretions – they both look like idiots.