Robin Williams Death Press Conference: Did Fighting and Marriage Trouble with Wife Susan Schneider Play a Role in Suicide? (PHOTOS)

Robin Williams Death Press Conference: Did Fighting and Marriage Trouble with Wife Susan Schneider Play a Role in Suicide? (PHOTOS)

A little less than 24 hours after Robin Williams was found dead in his San Francisco Bay area home an official press conference has shed some light, cast some shadows and raised some other uncomfortable questions – surrounding the revered actors’ suicide. We already know that Robin had checked himself into a rehab facility back in July and those close to the actor have stated that he was in the deepest depression that they had ever seen him suffer through. This is noteworthy because up until recently Robin wasn’t one to hide his personal demons. We knew all about his previous battles with alcohol and cocaine and he owned up to self-medicating rather than turning to conventional medicine to quiet the flip side of his manic behavior.

Marin County’s Deputy Chief Coroner Keith Boyd confirmed this afternoon that Robin had several superficial cuts on his wrists that were made before hanging himself from his bedroom door. The actors body was found in a seated position with his shoulder applying pressure to the door. Rigormortus had set in, meaning he had been dead long before an assistant found his lifeless body and called for help at 11:55 am.

Robin was last seen alive at about 10:30 pm on Sunday, which is when his wife Susan Schneider decided to go to bed. Apparently Susan and Robin slept apart because she had no idea what time her husband decided to retire for the evening. Interestingly enough, Susan left the family home at 10:30 am Monday morning and didn’t even bother to check in on Robin – kind of strange considering that, according to well-placed sources – his depression was super serious and glaringly apparent to everyone close to him. Obviously there was no happy marriage going on with Susan Schneider when Robin Williams committed suicide. Kind of calls into question the sincerity of her super quick statement about losing her best friend and husband, right?

Boyd also tripped over his words and tipped his hand to the idea that there is indeed a suicide note that was found at the scene. He first said that he wouldn’t be discussing, “the note or a note” and refused to budge from that stance rather than stick to the original notion that had been reported, that there was no note left. We had heard rumblings in the last few months that there might have been some cracks in Robin and Susan’s marriage that were adding to Robin’s despair and the coroner’s conference at the very least leaves us with just as many questions as it has answered.

Were Robin and Susan having problems and did he fear that another divorce would completely ruin him financially? Robin had spoken in recent months of how costly his first two divorces were. Was this a man fearing a third go-round that turned to his old ways of coping – through self-medication? At the very least it sounds like Robin wasn’t exactly in sync with his wife when she didn’t even bother to check in on him before leaving yesterday morning. Do you think there is more to this story that is going to come tumbling out? If you knew that your loved one was severely depressed would you leave them to their own devices for 14 hours? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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  • Lucia Turner

    definitely detect a troubled marriage – hard to believe he would end his gifted life of so much talent and so beloved as a human being – May God Bless Robin – oh you will be so so missed Robin – we love you from all parts of the Globe

    • Hmart

      I agree. Something very wrong was going on in that marriage and may have contributed or been the sole reason he gave up. He was reported as been battling a severe depression, so why did she not even check on him? Looks like she didn’t care.

  • Radgrl

    I found the fact that Robin’s wife didn’t check on him all night or the next morning to be very suspicious especially knowing how severely depressed he was!

    • Hmart

      Yup and maybe she purposely pushed his buttons if you know what I mean. Was anyone else living at that home besides her and Robin Williams? If not, no one will know what was really going on between the two of them. But it really looks suspicious that she went to bed, got up and left the house and he died. Came home right after the police showed up. How could she not know before anyone else? Seems like she didn’t care at all. Doesn’t add up.

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  • Sabrina

    Nor would I or my husband to me, even if running late

  • Hmart

    I also saw a red flag with her not sleeping with him that night or checking in on him before she left the house in the morning. He was reported as battling a severe depression so I would think she would of been closer to him, watching him, trying to comfort him. I get the feeling they were estranged. Married for 3 years and already not sleeping together and she went out the next morning without a thought about him. I very much sense there was problems going on in the marriage. Was he afraid she was about to divorce him? Was he depressed because the marriage was over or almost over? The authorities need to take a harder look at her and what was going on in that marriage imo.

    • Jennifer Harris

      Agree 100%

  • Hmart

    She is a beautiful woman and looks so young and pretty and I hate to say looks like a gold digger.

  • lindyk2

    He could be sleeping in another room because he wasn’t sleeping well, etc. That part on it’s own is not really a red flag as it was well-known he was depressed. But that very knowledge – severe depression and NOT checking in on him – that raises a BIG alarm. Yes, I think things were going south. I wonder what his kids think of her.

    Re: payout, I cannot imagine after two costly divorces he did not have an iron-clad pre-nup. Whatever other financial things may have been going on, I think the marriage problems were more emotionally devastating than anything else.

    • WHAT’S UP

      I agree with everyone else here…the first thing I said was, where was SHE??…and he doesn’t look happy in pictures with her. The biggest thing is not checking on him before she left…that’s cold and bad!!! This is a huge red flag knowing his circumstances. And now she is pulling the Parkinson’s card. Not the money card or the our relationship had fallen apart card, or the I am a money grubber card. It’s nice to see all the people here who are aware that this looks really stinky. I am sorry Robin must have felt so alone in the end :(

  • lindyk2

    She was notified by assistant and came home.

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  • ZynWoof

    On several occasions, when my husband has been ill with a bad case of the the flu or recovering from surgery, while I let him have the bed to himself (for comfort), I stayed up all night right outside the bedroom to check on him every couple of hours. You wouldn’t abandon someone you loved if they were severely depressed. So I don’t think things were going well in their marriage either. You can see the sadness in his eyes. I’ve seen pictures of him during the period of the breakup with his 2nd wife (around 2010) and he’s holding her hand and above her wrist, he’s also holding her arm, using both of his hands like he was clutching on to her for dear life; she had a rather smug smirk on her faced and was visibly leaning back away from him. It was a difficult photo to look at…. Really heartbreaking. Fast forward to this week, and maybe he just couldn’t face another round with a cold, greedy, selfish ex-wife who wanted to make millions on his back…

  • ZynWoof


  • Solo

    We will probably never know all the facts surrounding this horrible tragedy. I, too, thought it odd that his wife left the house in the morning without checking in on her severely depressed husband. If there were problems in the marriage, I cannot imagine that his wife will ever open up about them because people would forever blame her for contributing to the suicide of a beloved icon.


    We don’t believe he did this to himself. It seems so contrived all the way around….

    • Jennifer Harris

      I am starting to wonder myself!

  • cher

    It’s ridiculous and telling that they have been married such a short time and not sleeping in th same room. She had everything to do with this tragedy. It is clear he had little or no support from that thing. I hope to God he left everything to his children. I hope she gets nothing. It seems like he thrived with his second wife. His soul mate.

  • Jennifer Harris

    Agree 100%

  • Jennifer Harris

    This whole thing has bothered me from the beginning. All the news stories are putting it out there for those with depression to tell someone. I live with depression and my husband was severely depressed in 2012. When you are close to someone who is depressed you KNOW something is wrong, and like you said he WAS seeking help. So who failed him? The doctors? The wife? The family? A broken healthcare system when it comes to dealing with mental illness? Could be one or all of them. BUT to not check on your husband who you say has been SEVERELY depressed for weeks, was seeking help and obviously that wasn’t working – something is wrong with this picture. The minute the statement was made that she went to bed in a different room and left the house without checking on him, I thought WTH? Who does that? And then turns around and says he was your best friend? I don’t know if she did it or pushed him but I think she should be looked at, big time!

  • Jennifer Harris

    I agree so much with what you said. I have been thinking the same thing. My husband was severely depressed in 2012 and I took him to the ER six times in six months that year because of it. I have been blaming the doctors the past few days of not doing enough for Robin because I had that personal experience with my husband’s depression and I could be right – after all Robin did seek help according to the released statements. But the family and especially the wife KNEW that something was wrong with her husband. She should have taken him in 100 times if that’s what it took to help save his life. That’s what’s bothered me BIG TIME about his suicide. He was seeking help so why did he do it?

  • Jennifer Harris

    I am so sorry for your loss and your story was indeed very similar to Robin Williams. I thought it very off that she didn’t check on him before she left the house that morning. I cannot imagine how lonely he must have felt in those last days. You helped paint a picture for me that I believe could be exactly what happened to him. The same thing that happened to your Dad. I feel so heartbroken for your dad, you and your family and for Robin and his family. I am sending lots of love and positive energy your way!

  • Jennifer Harris

    Agree 100%

  • Jennifer Harris

    That is so true!

  • Brenda Garten Bautista

    Hind sight is 20-20. No one knows what was going on between Robin and Susan. People go through ups and downs in a marriage. I wouldn’t pass judgement on someone I know nothing about. It is very sad that this happened. Sometimes depression makes a person feel like death is more of a release than it is an end.

  • Naomi S.S.


  • Kelli Rae Macdonald

    Remember who he was, not idle gossip.Walk in his shoes just one day. Let Robin rest in peace
    No one knows what his wife was thinking or feeling. He killed himself. Only he could have saved himself

  • Crystal

    Why she married to him she didn’t love him maybe for money only get it all when he dies. It not right to marry for money love is trump over money

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  • Kathy Williams

    Hooray! Someone else finally brings up the unjust, reprehensible California spousal support law that states after 10 years of marriage, unless circumstances change OR ONE PARTY DIES, the ex can collect “all the money” (RW’s words) INDEFINITELY – as in FOREVER!

    Thank you!

  • jess

    [expletive] bitch!!! And now she wants to take from his children. She deserves nothing, she was no wife!