Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick Divorce Looms after Cheating Scandal Report?

Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick Divorce Looms after Cheating Scandal Report?

Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker have been married for a long time, but Matthew always looks like he wants to run the other way whenever he’s photographed with her. Clearly, their marriage isn’t all that hunky dory right now, and recent rumors support that.

Apparently, Matthew has had something of a wandering eye lately, and even though his marriage is already hanging by a thread, he simply can’t help himself. Ugh, I hate it when people try to excuse the fact that so many male celebrities in Hollywood are just massive douchebags. Now, we can’t definitively say that Matthew is cheating on his wife, but if this report is true, then he’ll just be joining a long line of Hollywood A-listers who suck at being good husbands.

Anyway, this particular report from Star Magazine alleges that three days before his 17th wedding anniversary to Sarah, Matthew was caught checking out some random brunette woman at a bar. He was reportedly hanging out at the bar when he started staring at this woman, and although this woman refuses to reveal her name, she does tell Star that his glances made her extremely uncomfortable. She explained, “He could not stop staring at me. It was really uncomfortable — so much so that my boyfriend got upset.” Ew, creepy much?

Of course, Matthew might have been desperate for some female attention if his own wife was ignoring him, but based on all these reports, he’s seemed to have just as much of a say in the breakdown of their relationship as she did. Plus, his absence at the MET Gala spoke volumes about his support for Sarah, and it honestly wouldn’t be that surprising to see these two formally announce a divorce in the near future.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet