Justin Bieber Trying To Talk Selena Gomez Into Going To Rehab

Justin Bieber Trying To Talk Selena Gomez Into Going To Rehab

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were spotted hanging out this afternoon, after months apart. We don’t know if they’re getting back together, but it’s certainly strange that after going their separate ways, seemingly permanently, they’re now hanging out again. There’s also the fact that Selena just cancelled her tour, which makes this confluence of events a tad bit coincidental, no?

Some people claim that Selena cancelled her tour to spend time with Justin, which is ridiculous. They’re not dating, and besides, he’ll be too busy drawing graffiti on walls and getting kicked out of clubs to spend time with anyone. However, there might be something going on with Selena that we don’t know about. There was a lot of speculation about a possible drug or alcohol addiction when she cancelled her tour, but it was never confirmed. She’s obviously not in rehab right now – she’s been updating her Twitter and Instagram through the holidays, and she and Justin were spotted on their segways this afternoon in Justin’s neighborhood. But even if she’s not in rehab right now, that doesn’t mean she shouldn’t be.

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Sources have been saying that Selena needs to take a break from working so much, but if there’s something more serious going on, who better to get Selena to listen than her ex-boyfriend? Whatever else Justin is, it’s always been obvious that he genuinely cares about Selena. In fact, many people predicted that it was their initial breakup that led Justin down his path of destructive behavior.

Either way, do you believe that she would listen to Justin if he told her to go to rehab or take a break? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Justin Bieber Trying To Talk Selena Gomez Into Going To Rehab

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  • Jules0293

    Selena Gomez isn’t doing drugs or drinking bad, she as lupus disorder and it has caught up with her from over the past years, she was diagnosed as a little girl, Lupus hurts the joints and with all her dancing she has been doing she needs the break that is why she cancelled the last of the tour for Stars Dance.