Selena Gomez Travels to Nepal For ‘Mental Peace’ and Maybe a New Boyfriend?

Selena Gomez Travels to Nepal For 'Mental Peace' and Maybe a New Boyfriend?

Selena Gomez was recently interviewed in Nepal about her reasons for leaving the US on a brief vacation, and she reportedly said it was because she wanted to get away from the American media for her ‘mental peace‘.

Can you blame her, though? She’s had to endure endless speculation concerning her relationship with Justin Bieber, not to count all the rumors about her health, her drinking, and her partying. Anybody in her position would have already run far, far away, especially with their ex-boyfriend constantly flaunting all of his new romances on social media.

Plus, sources close to Selena also claim that she’s sick of the celebrity dating world in the US, and she wanted to leave and get a fresh perspective on her life. She may have patched things up with her BFF Taylor Swift and her family, but her romantic life is still in shambles. And no matter what she does, she’s never able to escape Justin Bieber. So she decided to go to a place where celebrity gossip is given the lowest level of importance possible: Nepal.

Of course, Selena’s also contemplating revamping her life completely, and quite possibly her love life in the process as well. Just as she’s taken a break from her music career and plans on transitioning back to her acting career, sources tell us that she’s also looking to find a new boyfriend – away from Hollywood. Apparently, she’s sick of dating men in Hollywood, and she feels like finding someone from outside of the US might be an answer to her dating problems. Just as Justin has rebounded with countless models, Selena feels like finding someone from abroad might finally be her chance to date a true gentleman for once – especially since she knows she’s not going to find that in Hollywood, and her chances of dating a civilian in the US are pretty low considering her fame.