Selena Gomez Heads Back To Rehab on Valentine’s Day, Hopefully – Spotted Leaving LAX (PHOTOS)

Selena Gomez Heads Back To Rehab on Valentine's Day, Hopefully - Spotted Leaving LAX (PHOTOS)

Selena Gomez was spotted at LAX on Valentine’s Day looking depressed and fidgety as she caught a flight out of Los Angeles. Selena tried to ignore the paparazzi but at least she didn’t cover her head as she’s done frequently in the recent past.  Selena does not look well.

All alone for Valentine’s Day for a young Hollywood beauty spells trouble and we think that Selena is in a mess of it. Booted by bratty Justin Bieber who much prefers the company of professional whores and ‘urban models’ like Chantel Jeffries, Selena was recently humiliated by her first love. Justin bragged to his gang of idiots and panderers that he took Selena’s virginity and for her added pleasure he threw in that she was complete lush and stoner, out-drinking and out-drugging the guys. Nice.

But Selena’s problems extend way past a bruised ego at this point. After finally admitting that she DID go to rehab, just like CDL said she was going to, we learned that she escaped her treatment after a mere two weeks. So let’s be serious – NOBODY beats a chemical dependency in two weeks, least of all an emotionally unstable young person on the rebound. It isn’t possible to learn new ways of dealing with life and it’s pain and temptations in two weeks and Selena is no exception. Selena is NOT well.

So maybe that exit out of Los Angeles on Valentine’s Day was a trip back to rehab for Selena. She needs a seriously long-term stint away from Hollywood and drugs and booze – she needs to learn how to love herself again and try to put that a**hole Bieber firmly in the past.  Good luck Selena – stay gone until you are better. We can wait for your healthy return – take all the time you need.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet