Susan Schneider, Robin William’s Wife: More Evidence of Marriage Trouble – Roles and Responsibility in Suicide Death

Susan Schneider, Robin William's Wife: More Evidence of Marriage Trouble - Roles and Responsibility in Suicide Death

Shortly after Robin Williams’ untimely suicide, and fans began to question the state of the relationship he had with his wife, Susan Schneider, his widow began feeling uncomfortable with so many eyes on her and their marriage, so she decided to publically release information that Williams’ had supposedly tried to keep quiet. Schneider publically shared that Williams was in the early stages of Parkinson’s Disease. Truly there was no other valid reason for her to publically release such private information. The news came as a shock to his fans, including Michael J. Fox, who not only suffers from Parkinson’s Disease, but began the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research. Fox tweeted that he was “stunned” to learn Robin had Parkinson’s Disease.

Susan’s plan seemed to work, however, and the many questions fans had about whether or not the couple was fighting or unhappy in the months leading up to Williams’ suicide, shifted to questions about his Parkinson’s diagnosis. Her release of the actor’s diagnosis led many to begin speculating that the disease played a part in his decision to take his life. Williams’ friend Rob Schneider believes that the medication the comedian was taking notes suicide as a side effect tweeting, “One of the side effects is suicide,” Radar Online reported. It is important to note that likely what Rob meant to say is that the drug (which he does not disclose, and it has not been confirmed Williams was taking) may have side effects including “thoughts of suicide.” There are several drugs, however, used to treat depression that carry the same warning label because what some drugs may do to help one’s depression, may make another’s worse. Doctor’s monitor use of any such drugs to ensure their patient is on the appropriate drug and the appropriate dosage.

So, while talk of Parkinson’s Disease can steadily be seen leading the headlines when talking about Williams’ suicide, some are still left with questions about why his current wife left the couple’s home the morning of his death, with not a kiss, goodbye, or even a peek into the room where he slept to ensure he was okay. If Williams was suffering from severe depression and Parkinson’s, and taking different medications to treat both, it would seem normal for Susan Schneider, his wife, to check in on him before taking off to reportedly run errands. Whether or not the couple fought that night has not been established, but they were sleeping in separate bedrooms. Susan must be aware of the speculation that their marriage was in trouble and did not want that to be the focus of his death. It  is understandable that she does not want to be seen as the cold wife who possibly argued and refused to sleep with her loving husband, the much beloved actor.

There was one topic that could have topped the list of arguments… finances. While Williams has publically acknowledged his large payouts to both former wives, Marsha Garces and Valerie Velardi, that was years ago and, as his kids are now grown, he is no longer paying child support. So why was the actor so stressed about finances that he commented on not being happy about having to do TV and go on the road for financial reasons? With his show “Crazy Ones” recently cancelled, and the Parkinson’s diagnosis, the actor worried about the future of his career and how much longevity it had. Was Susan supportive and willing to cut back on extravagances, or was Robin pressured to be able to keep her in the lifestyle she’d become accustomed to? Likely more information will be coming out, but we cannot help but notice the timing of Schneider’s release of Williams’ diagnosis, especially when there was no relevant reason for sharing that information at the point she did. Even Susan made it clear Robin did not want to go public with the information.

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Update: note that when the family got together after Robin’s cremation and the spreading of his ashes it was at second wife Marsha Garces’ home. Why?

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