Teen Wolf Recap 7/21/14: Season 4 Episode 5 “I.E.D.”

Teen Wolf Recap 7/21/14: Season 4 Episode 5 “I.E.D.”

Tonight on MTV, TEEN WOLF returns with the fourth episode in its fourth season called “I.E.D.” On tonight’s episode, Lydia seeks help with her powers; Scott, Stiles and Kira play in their first lacrosse game.

On last week’s episode of Teen Wolf, while Lydia was at her guest house she got unexpected visitors. Meanwhile, Derek was on his-own and tracked down a killer. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode Scott, Stiles and Kira play their first Lacrosse game; Lydia looks to get help with her powers. After three seasons of her powers controlling her, Lydia wants to be the one in control. The banshee experimented with attempting to control her powers with Stiles in Season 3, but learning when everyone’s lives were at risk created a high-pressure situation. Hopefully, Lydia will be able to figure out her powers in a calmer environment. However, the person helping Lydia is a mystery. 

Tonight’s episode is going to be really interesting. You’re not going to want to miss even a minute! We will be live blogging TEEN WOLF on MTV beginning at 11 PM EST. In the meantime, enjoy the sneak peek preview of tonight’s episode below.


There’s a girl running for her life. She runs onto a school bus in an attempt to get away from Violet. The werewolf girl utters “The Sun, The Moon, The Truth.” Soon, Violet gets on the bus, but the girl gets away. Garrett pulls up in his car and offers the werewolf his “help.” She gets in. He says, “I can’t believe you fell for that.” He then stabs her.

Stiles and Scott show Sheriff S the hit list. The list is only partial. They need to other cipher keys to decode the rest of the deadpool. Lydia discovered the first cipher (ALLISON), and now she’s at the lakehouse trying to discover the others. However, it appears as if she’s not having any luck.

So far, six people from the list have been killed. Stiles and Scott have a theory: the bounties for the supernatural deaths will add up to $117 million — the total amount stolen from the Hale vault. The Benefactor seems to be using this to fund his “endeavors.”

Scott, Stiles, and Sheriff S rightly assume that at least one of the assassins must be a student — since they knew that one of the werewolves would be at the kids lakehouse party.

We see Violet and Garrett in the hallway. They say that they’re going after the big prize next. And it’s going to be tonight.

Garrett is working out in the school gym. His friend reveals that tonight’s lacrosse game will be against his old school.

Derek shows up to check out Liam and his anger issues. Scott arrives and tells Liam to head to class. Derek says that Liam’s anger will make him very, very strong, but he also says that Scott’s going to make a great Alpha — and mentor to a new Beta.

Meanwhile, Lydia tries her hardest to divine the next cipher. She’s struggling. Malia suggests that, maybe, they need the help of another banshee. Lydia says, “Meredith.”

In class, Stiles is looking at photos of the murder victims. Coach is swinging around a lacrosse stick and Stiles has an epiphany. He notices the shapes of the wounds on one of the victims resembles the end of a lacrosse stick. Stiles turns to Scott and says that one of the killers is on the team.

Stiles and Scott look for the lacrosse stick that’s harboring a hidden dagger.

Stiles thinks that they should cancel the game, but Kira and Scott say they aren’t afraid.

Malia and Lydia discover that going to meet with Meredith will prove to be a struggle, as only a family member can visit her — only problem is that all her family is dead.

Violet and Garrett say they’re going after Liam, not Scott. In the chem lab, V & G cover Garrett’s hidden lacrosse dagger with a special species of wolfsbane.

Liam has a heated run in with his old school’s lacrosse team, who’s just arrived at BHHS for the lacrosse scrimmage. He begins to lose control. Scott and Stiles go over to him and contain him. In the locker room, they put him under a cold shower in an effort to calm him down. He reveals that he was diagnosed with Intermittent Explosive Disorder and used to take medication for it; however, he admits that he stopped taking it because it makes him too tired on the lacrosse field.

Scott tells Liam that he shouldn’t play today. But Liam says that he can handle it, that he can control himself. Stiles and Scott reveal that they think one of the killers is on the team — and was also at the party. Liam says that he’s not sure who ordered the keg — but he does know who paid for it: Garrett.

We see Garrett walking down the hallway with a smile on his face.

The field lights turn on for the game. Kira is on the bench beside Scott. She’s a bit nervous for her first game.

Meredith shows up at the police station. She says that she’s looking for Lydia.

Derek and Argent peruse the Hale vault. He’s looking for Kate. Derek asks Argent if he  himself could take care of Kate — because she took something from him. He reveals that, at first, he thought she just stole bits of his past . . . but now he says that she actually stole his powers. He’s losing them. Slowly.

The game begins. They try to play while, at the same time, keeping an eye on both Liam and Garrett.

Lydia and Meredith meet at the police station. Deputy Parrish shows up and asks why Lydia was called in. Parrish asks if it’s because “she’s psychic.” Parrish doesn’t know that Lydia is a banshee — but he thinks that she’s definitely something. Sheriff Stilinski covers his bases by saying that he called her because he believes she’s “intuitive.”

At the police station, Meredith gives them a number: 2436.  Lydia thinks she should be giving them a phone number, but Meredith insists that this is the full number. That’s all. Lydia gets upset — because all she’s trying to do is discover the remaining names on this list. She’s becoming frustrated with how helpless she feels at times.

Araya shows up with one of her hunter cronies. Argent and him face each other with guns drawn. “In Mexico, this is what we’d call a stand off,” she says.

On the field, Garrett misses Liam and, instead, knicks the leg of another player.

Meredith is taken back to Eichenhouse. Meanwhile, Lydia is distraught. Malia looks at the numbers on the paper and then looks at the phone. They decode Meredith’s message. The numbers actually correspond to the letters on the phone digits. After decoding the message, Lydia discovers the second cipher: AIDEN.

She decodes the second third of the list. Jordan Parrish is on the list. But so was Liam’s archnemesis on the opposing team.

The lacrosse player crawls into the locker room. Violet is there and she goes to kill him.

Soon, Scott enters the locker room. Violet chose not to kill the player and, instead, goes after Scott. But her thermal wire is no match for Scott. She pushes her against the wall and she loses consciousness.

The standoff with Araya and Chris ends. She makes him repeat over and over again the Hunter’s Code: “We hunt those who hunt us.” It seems as if Araya has reinvoked Chris’s primal, hunter instincts.