The Amazing Race RECAP 4/27/14: Season 24 Episode 9 “Accidental Alliance”

The Amazing Race RECAP 4/27/14: Season 24 Episode 9 “Accidental Alliance”

Tonight on CBS the Emmy award winning show The Amazing Race returns for yet another exciting installment. On “Accidental Alliance” the race continues in Lucerne, Switzerland, where the five remaining teams race to move ahead.

On last week’s episode “Donkylicious!” the race continued in Orvieto, Italy, where the six remaining teams faced a double U-turn caused the pairs to make a difficult decision. By the end of the show Flight Time and Big Easy were the last team to arrive and were eliminated from Amazing Race.  Did you watch last week’s episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On Tonight’s episode the race continues in Lucerne, Switzerland, where the five teams remain. In this Active Route Marker, Cowboy brothers Cord and Jet must change into uniforms and clean a hotel room to meet Swiss standards in order to receive the next clue. By the end of the show one pair will be going home.

Tonight’s The Amazing Race Season 24 episode 9 is going to be as awesome as ever, and you won’t want to miss it. Be sure to tune in for our coverage of The Amazing Race — tonight at 8 PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how you are enjoying this season of The Amazing Race so far!

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Tonight’s episode of Amazing Race kicks of the 9th leg of the race at the Piazza in Italy. Brendon and Rachel depart first and learn that they will be heading to Switzerland and heading to the country’s William Tell statute for their next clue. Brendon and Rachel head to the train-station to make their way over the Swiss Alps.

Brendon and Rachel arrive at the train station and purchase train tickets to Switzerland. Jet and Cord are currently lost, Dave and Connor, Leo and Jamal, and Caroline and Jennifer board the same train as Brendon and Rachel before it departs. Brendon and Rachel are not happy to see the other teams, and are still being iced out by the other racers for U-Turning Dave and Connor. Caroline and Jenn, Dave and Connor, and Leo and Jamal head to the back of train and sit together and make fun of Brendon and Rachel and announce they are forming a Final Three Alliance and they are all looking for ways to get Brendon and Rachel eliminated.

The train arrives in Switzerland and the racers all jump in their cars to head to the city of Altdorf, to find the William Tell. When they arrive they find a clue on the statue that says “Wait for William Tell until Sunrise.” Jet and Cord arrive at the statue in the middle of the night and wait with the other teams. At sunrise a man arrives dressed as William Tell and tells the teams to go to Chapel Bridge (the oldest bridge in Europe.)

The Final Three Alliance all arrive at the bridge at the same time and get their next clue. Brendon and Rachel make a wrong turn and wind up being the last time to arrive at the bridge. Now they are currently in last place. The teams all head to Hotel Schweizerhof, where rockstars reside and trash their hotel rooms. Each team must clean a room that has been completely destroyed by partying rock-stars. They all rush to clean their assigned rooms so they can finish before Brendon and Rachel arrive. The rooms have to be exact replicas of an already cleaned room and inspected by a maid named Helga before they receive their next clue.

Jet and Cord complete the task first, and receive the next clue instructing them to head to the Swiss Museum of Transport. They arrive and answer a question correctly about the world’s largest drill and then receive their next clue. They must use the road signs on a billboard and a formula given to them to determine the year of a Ford Mustang. Dave and Connor and Leo and Jamal complete the question at the Swiss Museum of Transportation and head to the Ford Mustang task.

Brendon and Rachel are currently in last place, they arrive at the Swiss Museum while the other teams are completing their Ford Mustang task. Jet and Cord complete the Mustang task first, immediately followed by Dave and Connor and Leo and Jamal. Caroline and Jennifer are stumped, Leo and Jamal stop and held them before they head on to the next clue. They are determined to make sure that Brendon and Rachel arrive in last place.

Jet and Cord and Dave and Commor arrive at the Roadblock. They must use work dogs to haul small tankers of milk through a snowy mountain to a farmer before they can move receive their next clue. Leo and Jamal, Brendon and Rachel, and Caroline and Jennifer all arrive at the Road-Block simultaneously. The race is neck and neck again.

Jet and Cord finish the Road Block first and must head to the pit stop, which is at the top of Mount Titlus. Dave and Connor finish 2nd, Dave and Jamal finish 3rd, Brendon and Rachel finish 4th, and Caroline and Jennifer are still at the Road Block.

Leo and Jamal, Dave and Connor, and Jet and Cord all arrive at the top of Mt. Titlus and it is a footrace to the finish line. Dave and Connor arrive in 1st place, they have won the 9th leg of the race. Jet and Cord finish in 2nd place and Leo and Jamal finish in 3rd place. Brendon and Rachel arrive in 4th place. Caroline and Jennifer arrive at the pit-stop last, however Phil reveals it is a non-elimination race so they will not be going home this week.

  • Annoyed

    Is anyone totally sick of the BS by AR when they decide if it will be an elimination round only depending on who arrives last? Come on. Twice now the ladies get a pass. It’s only a non elimination round if it’s an attractive, or well liked team. So bogus. Phil says “may be eliminated” half way through, and it is all contingent upon who arrives last. Let’s just play the game. You can let the girls go home and we will still watch, promise.

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