The Bachelorette 2014 Andi Dorfman: Josh Murray Fighting Brother Aaron Jealous Over Andi – Not The First Girl They’ve Shared

The Bachelorette 2014 Andi Dorfman: Josh Murray Fighting Brother Aaron Jealous Over Andi - Not The First Girl They've Shared

Season 10 of The Bachelorette 2014 winner Josh Murray and his fiancée Andi Dorfman are still flooding social media with happy couple propaganda in hopes of landing a very lucrative TV Wedding deal for their upcoming nuptials, however multiple sources have confirmed that Andi and Josh are fighting constantly and have a ton of issues they need to work out before they even set a date for the wedding.

On Saturday August 16th Josh Murray posted a photo of himself and his brother NFL player Aaron Murray posing with Andi Dorfman sandwiched between them. He captioned the photo, “Up in Charlotte with my baby @andi_dorfman to watch the lil bro @aaronmurray11 play the Panthers tomorrow night #GoChiefs.” Murray’s fans flooded the picture with comments raving about how similar he and his little brother Aaron looked.

Bachelorette fans already know exactly who Aaron Murray is, and not just because of his stint on The Bachelorette during Josh Murray’s hometown dates. When Season 10 of The Bachelorette first kicked off, a girl named Birttany McCord posted photos of herself posing with Josh Murray on Twitter and revealed they used to date but “it didn’t work out.” Confusingly, a few weeks later she posted a photo of herself with Aaron Murray and claimed that she dated him as well. We would have just assumed that Brittany McCord was a stage five clinger and trying to get her five seconds of fame by proving she knew the Murray brothers. However, a few weeks later a screen shot of Josh Murray’s SnapChat account was leaked, and you will never guess who he interacted with most on the app. Brittany McCord!

After Josh’s SnapChat account was leaked, there was a ton of controversy and Bachelorette fans believed that Josh was talking to his ex-girlfriend behind Andi’s back, who coincidentally was also his brother’s ex-girlfriend. There is no doubt in our mind that Aaron and Josh Murray love and support each other like brothers, but considering they have already dated the same girl once, could history repeat itself? Sources close to the couple reveal that Andi and Aaron are “super close” and Andi is obsessed with the “professional athlete world.”

So, Josh is a control freak and has serious jealousy problems. Josh and Aaron have dated the same girl in the past. And, Andi and Aaron are “super close” and Andi is obsessed with Aaron’s career. You all see where this is going right? Could Josh actually be jealous of his own brother’s relationship with his fiancée? Do you think Andi is spending too much time with her future brother-in-law? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Image Credit: Josh Murray Instagram

  • lynn

    yall have to stop too funny

  • Cindy

    If he needs to worry about her sleeping with his brother than this will never ever work ! If there is no trust than they absolutely have nothing ! She also needs to quit acting so easy the show is over

    • Grand mother and proud

      shame shame on you small minded people. she never was close to his brother,where the heck you people get your facts surprises me

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  • Traci Vierra

    I believe this. I think the reason Andi chose Josh is because of his brother. Andi is selfish and only cares about getting what she wants. She wants fame any way she can get it.

    • Grand mother and proud

      I think hell is full of you people no forgivness. you best hope in life that things always goes your way,I pray for people like you