The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Does Wyatt Fall In Love With Ivy at Forrester Creations – Inherits The Hope Diamond?

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Does Wyatt Fall In Love With Ivy at Forrester Creations - Inherits The Hope Diamond?

The Bold and the Beautiful fans thought that the Wyatt-Hope-Liam love triangle had finally come to a close on the CBS soap opera when Wyatt made amends with his half-brother and announced he would back off and let Liam and Hope ride off in to the sunset together. According to Bold and the Beautiful spoilers, that isn’t exactly the case. And, a recent twist might actually put Wyatt back in the running for Hope’s Heart.

According to Spoilers in the July 26th edition of CBS Soaps in Depth, Wyatt receives unexpected new and learns that he has inherited the Hope Diamond. Convinced that his inheritance might give him a leg up in the competition for Hope, Wyatt receives even more great news. With Quinn checked in to the mental hospital, and newbie Ivy Forrester poised to take over the jewelry department at Forrester Creations, Hope convinces her family to let Wyatt return to work to show Ivy the ropes. Which means that Wyatt will be in close vicinity to Hope, and he plans to try to woo her over again.

There is a silver lining for fans that have had enough of Wyatt pining after Hope, he will be working side by side with Ivy Forrester. Spoilers emerged months ago that Ivy Forrester would play a new love interest for Wyatt. So perhaps while he is working with Ivy and trying to weasel his way back in to Hope’s life, he will fall in love with Ivy and forget all about Hope.

What do you think Bold and the Beautiful fans? Are you Team Wyatt or Team Liam? What do you think of B&B’s newest character Ivy Forrester, do you think she has what it takes to make Wyatt forget about Hope for once and for all? Let us know what you think in the comments below, and don’t forget to check CDL tomorrow for more Bold and the Beautiful spoilers.

  • Carol Brant

    Stop This!! Let Hope and Liam Get Married!! I’m so done with this! Give Wyatt Ivy! Please!!

    • Delanie


    • Pam

      Even if they get married, the marriage will fail for one reason or the other. Steffy will be back to claim her husband Liam. After Hope sleeping around with the two brothers and playing them, Steffy will never respect that LOPE marriage. She didn’t let Liam go to be played with. Liam was his happiest when with Steffy Forrester. History shows that eventually, apart from Katie, Logan females treat Spencer men like turd. They fall in and out of love with them too easily and always play confused when they want to cheat or take off with someone else.

    • barihope

      Leave Liam and Hope together! Let Wyatt have Ivy.

    • tkhk3746

      I’m completely over these inept writers…it’s ridiculous. Wyatt acts gay…he talks like a woman. IF they put Liam with Ivy…(who is NOT a good fit on this show) I’m over this boring show. It’s gone from ridiculously stupid to NOW embarrassing on this show. It’s a complete joke.

  • Let Wyatt fall in love with Ivy.

    That way, Hope can become jealous of their relationship and realize that she is not the only woman Wyatt wants.

  • dzrtjewel

    I am still hoping for a Wyatt and Steffy luv match

  • Debbie Kia

    I agree with Carol,give it a rest move on please.

  • Barbara

    Team Wyatt. But it would serve Hope right if Wyatt did fall for Ivy
    And Hope and Liam’s relationship blows up.

    • debcuspard

      I stopped watching long time ago the Hope Liam is sickening it has been going on for over a year. Hope is like her mother playing games and sleeping with who ever. Liam is a weep always in that same suit he is not that good looking for all that.

  • lovelette cornwall

    Please let liam and hope be please and thanks

  • Pam

    Let Wyatt have what he wants. He deserves to be happy with who ever he wants to be with.

  • Naomie Latour

    I would like Wyatt & Hope back together, that the writers of The Bold and the Beautiful invents a new character to be in a relationship with Ivy or Ivy & Oliver are a couple. Wyope (Wyatt & Hope) or Hott (Hope & Wyatt) Forever.

  • Molly Batson

    I’ve had enough of Wyatt. Let Hope and Liam finally be happy. Enough interference!

  • christine

    who cares

  • Mia

    I have watched the show since the very beginning so if this Hope/Liam?Wyatt doesn’t get resolved I am done..Don’t care who she marries but enough already !!!

  • Pam

    Thank goodness Wyatt doesn’t have to live under Bill’s thumb like Liam does to survive and live. Bill acts like everyone wants a hand out from him. Wyatt is a millionaire now and no one can accuse him of trying to latch on to Hope for FC’s money, or put up with Bill’s bad advice and conditions to be able to access money. Last time the Forrester’s thought they could lose their company when that diamond was presumed missing and even complained about the insurance on it was high. Sounds like maybe that diamond is worth more that FC. At this point LOPE getting married won’t change the misery and failure of LOPE. If married it will fail. Wyatt wants Hope, but in order for that to work, Hope has to grow up and be a better human being. Maybe the Hope Diamond can magically change her to the kind of woman Wyatt deserves. If that’s the case, I hope he gets what he wants and is very happy.

  • PassionQueen77

    Hope and Liam should get married in next few months. I am glad that Quinn checked herself in the mental hospital. She is dangerous and she needs to be stopped. Ivy should fall in love with Wyatt. Wyatt is a single guy and he should do business with Hope Diamond necklace. The writers care about partnership so much. The writers should of put Rick with Maya. But they don’t care. For Rick marrying his enemy is so dumb. The writers is thinking with there hearts not with there heads. Start by caring for your character happiness.

  • Toni1

    This is GETTING OLD ALREADY!!!! I am sick of Wyatt!!!!

  • Nicole Austin

    I agree with you Carol, they need to come up with something new. This has gotten old. They need to change the name of the story to INCEST. Everyone is sleeping with family members. This is so crazy to me. they have sex with the father , mothers, son’s daughter, wife, brother, brotheren- laws, sisteren laws on and on.

  • conservativeinCT

    Ivy Looks like Quinn, perfect for mamas boy

  • sashee

    I think wyatt and hope make a perfect pair liam is boring and what a cry baby my foot was sprain and I was nothing like that another thing bill he needs something horrible to happen to him cannt wait to see what happens when people find out what he did to ridge there goes your son and business back to Katie gooddddddddddd

  • Shishi Latisha Allen

    hope just showed you had desperate women can be.liam play her so many times and she still go back.wyatt never did that and she left hem for that.

  • Lilly Ajuna

    Liam deserves hope he has suffered alot due Wyatts mum the good news is if Wyatt gets the job back

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  • I am hoping for “Wyvy” or “Ivatt” which is a growing relationship between Wyatt and Ivy.

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  • kmarie85

    i think both Wyatt & Liam should dump wishy washy hope, altho i rarely watch

  • S Bimberg

    I wish Hope would go back with Wyatt….and Liam would go back with Stephanie. Hope and Liam seem too corny and boring! When Liam was with Stephanie it was more exciting and believable.

  • Pam

    Sounds like the LOPERS are crying out again. lol
    Told you people, Bell is playing with all of us. Including the HOTT team. Whatever happens, happens. Hope will be taking turns with both brothers.

  • Pam

    In a week or so Brooke will play confused when Deacon kisses her, can’t deciding on whether to take Bill back or be with Deacon. Hope will also play confused, and torture every one before she decides who to marry. With is a waste of time because she doesn’t know how t be in a relationship, let alone a marriage. lol

  • betty morman

    Hope needs to marry liam.and fired wyatt. For good and Brooke need. To marry bill goodbye. Ridge. And deacon goodbye

  • Debra

    thanks you!!!! I agree stop this!!! please let Hope and Liam get married. I am tried of this!!!! give Ivy to Wyatt your writer as beat Hope and Liam to death and view are get try of this and please, please leave Brooke and Bill alone. Brooke with her x please that like putting a beauty Queen with a 1970s want to be Pimps pleasessss kill him off or give him to Quinn that more her style.

  • Janie Jedynak

    Omg let liam and hope get married Wyatt is scum. This is getting silly!!!!!

  • Jenn C

    Well I’m getting really sick of the wedding/ relationship sabotage. It’s really old & ridiculous. Hope belongs with Liam and is stupid to run straight to Wyatt. Wyatt sucks & the diamond is cheesy & stupid. Quinn must die! C’mon writers!!

  • raceywine

    I am s tired of this going back and forth let kiam andhope be happy ,throw wyatt to the fish.Please lethope and liam b happy