The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Ivy Kisses Liam Before They Find Hope – Paris Wedding Ruined by Jealous Ivy

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Ivy Kisses Liam Before They Find Hope - Paris Wedding Ruined by Jealous Ivy

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers have been teasing for weeks now that Wyatt, Liam, Hope, and a few other members of the B&B cast would be heading to Paris the first week of August. It’s no secret that Liam springs a surprise wedding on Hope, but it turns out there are a few bumps in the road en route to said wedding.

Since Ivy Forrester arrived at Forrester Creations, she has spent a lot of time bonding with Liam, and an equal amount of time gossiping about Hope. Ivy even told Aly that she thought Hope was just like her mother Brooke, and was incapable of choosing just one guy and sticking with them. It’s pretty clear that Ivy is not a fan of Hope’s, and it is beginning to look like she has a thing for Liam.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that after Hope and Wyatt leave for Paris, Aly encourages Liam to go after Hope and Ivy tags along with him to Paris. B&B spoilers tease that while they are on their way to Hope, Ivy grows increasingly jealous of Hope and Liam’s relationship. And, a photo has been making its round on the internet, showing Liam and Ivy kissing in Paris!

Obviously the alleged kiss couldn’t have been too magical, because we know Liam and Hope are eventually reunited in Paris, but it still could cause a major hiccup down the road. Considering his track record, Liam probably won’t tell Hope about the kiss, but Ivy will probably reveal it happened moments before Liam and Hope say “I Do” and then the whole wedding will fall apart.

What do you think B&B fans? Do you think that Liam and Hope will make it down the aisle? Or, do you think that Liam and Ivy’s kiss could ruin the entire wedding? Let us know what you think in the comments below and don’t forget to check CDL tomorrow for more Bold and the Beautiful spoilers.

  • Lenore Nardini

    This whole Hope. Liam Wyatt it way played out already. I’m sick of Hope. Liam needs to hook up with Ivy and move on already. And stop it with the closeups on Brooke. Her age is showing around the eyes.

  • Princessa Aboubakar

    Well let’s them gets married and enjoying their honeymoon. ..Liam could explain to hope about that stupid kiss…aww wait, ivy was the one who kissed Liam. ..

  • Debora

    Hope and Ivy kissing is what it said wth . Lol

    • Nanette Wilkins

      Lol…just noticed that! Even that would be better than this tired storyline .

  • Taylor

    Please , enough on this story line. Let Hope and Liam finally get married! It’s been exhausted !

  • Danika Williams


    • finallyfrensky

      I love all of these ideas esp steffy coming back ????

  • Hope

    Yes Liam and Hope deserve to get married I can’t wait to see them getting married …..

  • brandi

    Yes I think the kiss should ruin the wedding for sure its really good drama!!!!

  • Chaunty

    I want Steffy to come back and get back with Liam all the Logan hookers need to leave. I am so sick of all of them. They win everything with no consequences. Please get rid of them all!!!!!

  • luvSteffy

    No Liam will probably explain and cry to Hope and she’ll forgive him after two weeks of episodes of Liam begg’n. But my big question is why are you getting married in Paris where Steffy is? I think that is so disrespectful and rude! It would be fun if Steffy and Ivy teamed up

  • Nanette Wilkins

    It’s obvious that the Bells care very little about their fans. They know people are fed up with this storyline, yet they persist! What will it take for them to listen to their bread and butter?

  • Debra

    This is getting old. Leave Hope and Liam alone. Move on. Getting really bored with this show.

  • Ashley Lee

    Can we please get rid of Liam already or put him back with Steffy?? He is so annoying with Hope. Hope is fun with Wyatt. Liam is a dumb stick in the mud with Hope. I’m past them already!

  • Karen

    Ughhhh – leave hope alone liam for gods sake let her choose on her own without acting like a 2 yr old and wyattt u deserve so much better and hope needs to be left alone – no men – liam go to steffy and wyatt go to ivy – end of story

  • Sostyling

    I like Liam, he is cute and funny but he definately belongs with Steffy. But of course Steffy will not be back. She is making movies. So that is out. I want to see Bill and Brooke together. I really like Bill but I don’t like to see him begging Brooke. She is beginning to look old. So time to settle down. Taylor was so pretty when she came back with Thorne. They need her character back. These young kids don’t cut it. Why is Hope on the board at Forrester’s anyway, she belong to Deacon. I am glad he is back but I don’t look for him to stay. The new Ridge is horrible. He makes me sick. Ronn Moss was so much better as Ridge. All the good ones are written off the canvas and won’t be back. So sad for the B&B. It really use to be a good soap.

  • Jeannette

    Just sick of Hope’s character, the writers are portraying her like a bubble head. All the women on Bold & Beautiful character are week or crazy. Need new writer’s for the show who can write strong character script for women and still keep it interesting. The only time they came close is Caroline & Steffy character’s. Stop making Hope and Brook look slutty..

  • Tammy Lowe

    Please this is getting soooo old!!! Let hope and liam get married already geez. Your dragging it out to much.. They deserve to be married now.

  • Tammy Lowe

    I like that idea. Let Wyatt and ivy hook up.

  • Tracy Woods

    I hope Liam and Hope get married this time. It is way OVERDUE. If they dont get married this time i am going to stop watching Bold and the Beautiful!

  • Cindy

    Please get rid of whiny Liam. He is a dictator to Hope an a man who is already running her life. Let her go back with Wyatt who truly loves in spite of his evil mother Quinn Enough is enough of Liam!!!!!

  • PassionQueen77

    If Hope and Liam got married without any interruptions that would be nice. These writers care about is the logan family that is it. If lots of couples was on the show that had a long term relationship without any interruptions that would be nice. This show is full of holes and they want to ruin whichever couple they want. These writers should be fired this fall.

  • Nala

    Really over Liam and his controlling and insecure attitude. Hope needs to open her eyes and do better.

  • Heather

    I’ve just about had it with Hope’s toleration of Wyatt’s behavior. She needs to put her foot down and say, ” look Wyatt, I love Liam, stop trying to manipulate me, and stop with the Liam bashing. Take your diamond and do the shoot with someone else! I’ve had enough!”

  • Cindy Robinette Jones

    i am so sick of seeing hope and liam get life back together and then fall apart they need to get married already and then add more drama to there lives but walk down the isle already stop this on and off shit and I would love to see quinns face when they do it and wyatts to

  • ione713

    I would like for the B&B writers to come up with some NEW story lines and not rehash all that has already happened!! It’s getting frigging predictable and BORING to say the least!!!

  • Zina

    Please let Hope & Liam finally get married! If they don’t then remove Liam from the show!

  • Bassett hound

    I would love to see them get married and Quinn and her son get what’s coming to them .

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  • Carolyn

    Please let Hope and Liam get married this time, and get rid of Wyatt and his crazy mother!

  • SweetL

    Liam and Hope being married = SUPER BORING story line. Let them break up & let Hope & Wyatt travel the country looking for the next precious stone together. Let Aly fall for Carter & let Steffy come back with a baby for her & Liam to raise.

  • Steve Holsten

    Hope & Liam had better marry or I’ll be a former viewer. It’s time for this stupidity to finally be over. I swore watching for the time being till the wedding to see who she does marry. I can’t tolerate Winch Quinn’s further interference at all.

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  • Joy

    They have before but it didn’t last. They are a lost cause, let them move on to better people.

  • Annie Dooley

    Hope and Wyatt get married. What a sham. I hope it isn’t legalized and Hope goes back to Liam. It should have never happened. Wyatt is conniving. Will the truth come out that Quinn pushes Ivy?? I hope so.

  • Annie Dooley

    Maybe Liam deserves someone better who won’t marry his brother because he was a few minutes late.
    Hope thinks she is a Saint, she is far from that.
    She obviously doesn’t love Liam that much if she could give up on him that quickly.
    She’s more like her mother than she wants to admit.
    B&B is ridiculous.

  • reco1

    I guess holloywood want us to this think this is normal not..

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  • Annie Dooley

    Now that Hope knows the truth about Liam being there, she probably ends up pregnant with Wyatt’s baby. I really hope that doesn’t happen.

  • Annie Dooley

    Now that Hope knows that Liam was there, she will probably end up pregnant with Wyatt’s baby. I hope that does not happen. That will be one big mistake.
    She clearly still loves Liam.

  • Angeleit

    I want to see Hope and Liam get back together if it wasn’t for Wyatt and his mom Hope and Liam would be married by now but no Wyatt and his mom couldn’t leave them alone and not just that Wyatt mom is inter fearing with Brook’s life again as well what the hell get rid of Wyatt, Wyatt’s mom and Ivy as well and let Hope and Liam get back together the way it should be