The Good Wife RECAP 3/16/14: Season 5 Episode 14 “A Few Words”

The Good Wife RECAP 3/16/14: Season 5 Episode 14 "A Few Words"

Tonight on CBS The Good Wife returns with another dramatic episode. In “A Few Words” Alicia looks to her past for inspiration when she is asked to deliver the keynote address at an American Bar Association conference in New York City. Meanwhile, the competition between Florrick-Agos and Lockhart-Gardner ramps up as each firm tries to align with a powerful Manhattan lawyer; and Will turns to an old acquaintance when it becomes clear that Nelson Dubeck’s investigation into voter fraud isn’t going away. Did you guys happen to catch last week’s episode? If not then don’t worry because we have a detailed recap right here that will get you caught up!

On last week’s episode of The Good Wife the investigation into gubernatorial election fraud continued to move forward when Marilyn was approached by an agent in the Office of Public Integrity. Meanwhile Florrick-Agos and Lockhart-Gardner fought to keep Lemond Bishop as a client when he was arrested on a drug-related charge that may have resulted from a leak inside Alicia’s firm.

Tonight’s episode is going to be amazing and it includes a fabulous guest cast including: Nathan Lane: Clarke Hayden Jeremiah Wiggins: Howard Acocella Cady Huffman: Marina Vassal Skipp Sudduth: Jim Moody Jill Hennessy: Rayna Hecht Carrie Preston: Elsbeth Tascioni Polly Draper: Lorainne Joy Nestor Rodriguez: Cute Bear Eric Bogosian: Nelson Dubeck.

Season 5 episode 14 looks great and we’ll be updating it live for you beginning 9PM EST. While you’re waiting for the drama to unfold hit up the comments and let us know what you think of the season so far!

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Both firms are vying for the same client – her name is Rayna Hecht. Florrick-Agos and Lockhart-Gardner would love nothing more to get her on retainer, but Rayna has certain standards she wishes to uphold. During her meeting with Will and Diane she told about them how their previous problems with law enforcement was going to affect her decision. Yet Will promised that those things were behind Lockhart-Gardner.

However it’s not all sunshine right about now and Will clearly knows that. He’s still getting hounded about the election fraud so maybe he shouldn’t have introduced himself to a potential new client by making promises he couldn’t keep.

Diane soon caught on to the guy following her partner around and had asked him about it. Will admitted that the agent that has been watching him lately also wants to pin down the Governor for fraud. The agent is claiming to have a smoking gun so either Will works with him or he might go down along with Peter.

Both firms are working a convention in New York. And while Diane and Will got their chance to shine with Rayna; Carey and Alicia were abruptly rescheduled. She found them easily dismissible and Carey thought that it was the end for them, but then suddenly out of nowhere, Rayna changed her mind. She wanted a meeting with them once she realized who Alicia’s husband. Carey is excited about the meeting. He really wants it while Alicia on the other hand is sick of people using her husband as an excuse on whether or not to meet her.

She’s had enough of that back when she was trying to get a job. Everywhere she went there would always be someone too eager to get details about her marriage and yet they never would want to hire her. So how is she going to wrap up her own story as a journey to success when it was anything but?

 Alicia is a keynote speaker at the convention and Carey advised her to open up to the audience of mothers about how hard it was getting back into the workforce. Yet he doesn’t know how she got her job. Alicia got the job because not only was Will an old school friend, but she also played up her own sex appeal. And no one could say she didn’t know what she was doing.

Thinking about that old meeting has gotten her to see what she did and best of all what someone like Jackie would have said about her actions. Talk about slut shaming! Although she did use an old attraction to get a job. But like always there are two sides to every story.

After getting his old friend Elsbeth Tascioni to take care of Agent Nelson (which she did splendidly), Will manage to catch some of the speech that Alicia was working so hard on. And it helped to remind him about those early days.

There was some things that Will kept from her.Like how Diane and Kalinda both thought Alicia wasn’t ready for the firm. Will had to go to bat for her at every turn, but he did so because he saw something he liked in her. It could have been what eventually turned out to her ambition or it was that old attraction rearing its head again.

Alicia and Will managed to see more of each other when they showed up at the same restaurant later.  Alicia was worrying over how her speech went and needed a drink to get over her nerves. Plus there was a big meeting and most of the reporters rudely left while she was talking. So a couple of beers served as her pick-me-up. Will found her there and decided to start talking.

They still have a few issues to work through but at least when they started talking no one walked away angry. Instead they just accepted their relationship as it now – competitive. Their always going to go after similar or sometimes the same client so it was nice when they put their own personal feeling aside.

Alicia had to leave this tête-à-tête though once she heard from Carey. Rayna re-scheduled their meeting after she heard Alicia’s speech. She wanted to meet with a female a partner. Carey and Clarke had picked up Rayna’s feminist stance and wanted Alicia to act accordingly, but by this time the beers Alicia was drinking started to kick in.

The guys tried to hold the conversation mostly on their own yet Rayna wasn’t having it. She wanted a heart to heart with Alicia. And Alicia was way too drunk to make a lot of sense. So it’s not surprising that Clarke later heard through Elsbeth that Rayna was setting up a firm with her. Alicia couldn’t have sold it no matter what they did.

Ironically though, it will now be Elsbeth and Rayna’s firm that handles Will’s case. He almost made into the clear when someone also connected to Peter’s fraud case decided to seek him out. Now Will told this man to stay away from him but the cameras that caught their interaction apparently were just visual and no audio.

Agent Nelson it seems is willing to do everything to take down Peter and he’s threatening Will with ten years to do so.